Engage and delight your customer base with interactive loyalty programs


Drive customer and staff loyalty with reward programs designed to decrease the time between purchase, increase basket size, and create loyal advocates from your customer base. Engage your customers wherever they are with an omni-channel loyalty program that's more than just a swipe card, and encourage them to engage organically with your brand.

  • Implement points-based rewards programs
  • Run employee training modules for new products
  • Include quizzes in your promotional campaigns
  • Run dynamic communications based on purchase history
  • Track usage, high performers, and activity levels

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Omni-channel customer loyalty and rewards

Successful loyalty programs are designed to exceed expectations and delight repeat customers. Touchpoint understands that the needs of every business are unique. Whether your customers will be delighted by a points-based rewards system, by dynamic email, or by SMS content to suggest products based on their purchase history, or by an interactive portal to promote engagement, we can help.

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Run training programs with rich, interactive content

Create engaging programs designed to educate staff. Host custom content and videos relevant to internal departments, B2B partners or other stakeholders. Include interactive questionnaires at the end of training videos or conduct training along the way with a question and answer format will ensure your users are engaged and informed. Send updates for new training modules with triggered emails or SMS notifications all from one place.

Track engagement, trigger interaction, and drive loyalty

With flexible dashboards that display engagement and completion levels to managers or a leaderboard to encourage healthy competition amongst staff members, you can ensure that your training program has the highest retention possible, and driving business benefit.

When new modules are released, inform participants with a triggered text message or email and encourage team members to work within your timeline by offering rewards for completion.

Case Study

How Samsung Increased Sales With A Bespoke Rewards Program

Traditionally, retail has been a sector plagued by high staff turnover, resulting in continuous loss of product knowledge. For a global brand like Samsung who work with third parties to sell their products, the challenge was having those partner floor-sales staff educated with up-to-date product knowledge required to sell Samsung consumer electronics, no matter the turnover.

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Email Marketing

Design and deploy emails that adhere to your brand guidelines, or create sophisticated micro-campaigns with the TouchpointMX editor. Set-up response triggered email journeys, report on campaign results in real time, and combine data sources to segment your email database to target relevant audiences with messages that drive conversion.

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Microsites and Websites

Creating new ways for your customers to interact with your business online can drive conversion, improve loyalty, and make your brand 'sticky' in the minds of consumers. With interactive modules to create anything from customer surveys and employee training programs, to points-based rewards programmes, Touchpoint Group allows for the flexibility you need to engage your audience.

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Online Promotions

Create multi-channel promotions that drive acquisition and generate interest in your brand, or design competitions to drive engagement within your existing audience. Engage current or future customers with campaigns that stand out.

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