COVID-19 Data Analysis with Ipiphany

This week, we were able to use our AI Analysis tool, Ipiphany, to measure the impact of COVID-19 on the New Zealand events industry and gather valuable insights that the Government is using to assess additional income support.

Why It's Important To Benchmark Your App Against Competitors

Analysing your position in the market against competitors is a critical component for strategic decision making for your business. By understanding where your app sits against a range of competitors, you'll get a better understanding of what changes will make the greatest impact.

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What We Learned While Working from Home

It was the reset button that we didn’t realise we needed. As a team, we took this opportunity to ask ourselves; how well did we handle the change? What did we miss about the office? How can we apply what we’ve learned now that we’re back?

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Marketing Automation Survey Results 2020

A few months ago, we sent out a survey to ask what your favourite marketing automation tools were, along with your favourite features. Here are the results, and a look at why staying in touch with your customers is more important than ever.

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