Addressing the challenge of turning your online activity into in-store purchases

Addressing the challenge of turning your online activity into in-store purchases

Key Findings:

  • Over the past 2 years, the face of retail has drastically changed. In the US, the compound annual growth rate has been 14% over the past four years, but grew by 25% in a two week period in March 2020 with grocery purchases leading the way.
  • Use the strengths of online channels to drive traffic back in-store
  • Ever-changing customer expectations will continue to shape the next normal as it takes shape.

As a result of the pandemic, we have learned that it is important to have a powerful online store, but since lockdowns are ending and people have been shopping in-store again, companies are asking themselves, how can we encourage our online customers to return in-store? It has become obvious that digital marketing spend affects more than just conversions. It also drives in-store sales. Organisations need to reflect on the changes that have taken place over the previous two years and focus on new priorities, using multiple channels, and creating more authentic interactions with their customers to build integrity and trust.

Looking forward, we believe retailers should focus on the following 5 actions to build more resilience in their customer experience and to emerge even stronger in the recovery.

Make digital a priority

In a recent Mckinsey report, online sales in the US increased by 14% over the previous four years, and by 25% over a two-week period in March 2020 with grocery purchases leading the way. This profound increase in online shopping habits urged retailers to expand their digital presence quickly.

Having a successful online marketing strategy can catapult your business. A solid digital marketing strategy, regardless of your budget, will boost your conversions by driving traffic to your business. Traditional marketers often inundate mailboxes with unwanted sales brochures and/or promotional television ads in the breaks of popular shows. We recommend you take the opposite approach. Every prospective customer is unique. Some enjoy reading social posts, others prefer email or even watching promotional videos. Personalise your messaging to stand out and entice your customer back into your store. Personalising your messaging will make your customer feel like a V.I.P, creating a loyal brand advocate.

Transform your omnichannel marketing into an innovative experience

Forrester has said that “businesses that win the hearts, minds, and wallets of their customers all have one thing in common: They allow their customers to operate in their preferred channel, seamlessly migrate between channels, and realise a consistently great experience regardless of channel.”

Empower employees and teams of any size to take on personalised, digital marketing communications through a single omnichannel platform. Businesses need to continue the personal touch and create campaigns that will bring customers back in store, putting a face to the name. Make customers feel important rather than just another number on the conversion sheet. Using our easy-to-use Content Management System, you can create powerful dashboards with robust reporting capabilities that simplify database capture and secure customer information, allowing you to easily execute digital marketing campaigns. Designed for beginners, agencies, and marketing professionals alike, the tools utilising our very own TouchpointMX platform can be either self-service or supported by our team of industry experts, as a fully managed marketing service.

Streamline store operations

If theres one thing we have learnt from the previous two years, it’s that traditional store operations have been rapidly changing. With social distancing and a preference for self-service we are seeing a change in the customer experience. More and more people are doing the quick, straight in and out, type of shopping with the least amount of contact possible. Retailers are having to think outside the box to get their foot traffic back and get more engagement in-store. Surprise potential customers with a whitty sign outside your door intriguing them to investigate more indoors, create exciting one-time events with having an expert in your industry speak or present at your store, get involved with influencer marketing and collaborate with them to promote your store, send out in-store only deals to your customers that promote urgency and excitement. Your store will be bustling with people again in no time.

With Touchpoint Group we can help you set up online promotions to create that brand loyalty and bring your online customer engagement back in-store.

Take a fresh look at the retail store

A relatively new approach to the retail marketing world is the ‘showrooming’ model. If your business model allows for it then we recommend it. With a showroom, customers can now come in-store, get all the information they need about a particular product, see it, touch it, test it out to see if it is right for them and then buy it online then and there from the web store and get it sent right to their preferred address. This brings a personal approach to the online shopping experience without the hassle of returns due to the item not being what the customer expected, resulting in more customer and employee satisfaction. 

Embrace an agile operating model

We are constantly being encouraged to re-evaluate our business strategies in light of the constant changes we are seeing in the world today. Before the Covid pandemic, digital leaders used data to optimise customer experience, gauge their satisfaction, identify foot-traffic trends and generate purchase recommendations. In the digital age, companies have access to more dynamic data, allowing them to extract more precise and immediate insights. In addition to online customers, in-store customers will allow business leaders to generate insights from their customers and develop more targeted retention strategies, messages, and offers to maintain customer relationships.

Retailers who adopt agile practices while also generating real-time consumer insights will more quickly adjust their business models and offerings to meet, and maybe even exceed, customer expectations. Businesses need to keep up with the speed at which things are changing and change and adapt with them to avoid losing out.

Customer expectations will continue to shape the next normal as it emerges. Customers will be loyal to retailers who focus on customer experience and offer them an omnichannel experience that is agile and innovative. Stay ahead of the game with Touchpoint Group solutions. Drive conversion with powerful customisation and segmentation through a dynamic omnichannel solution. Contact the team today to get started on enhancing your customer loyalty and experience both on and offline.

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