Take your customer engagement to the next level with a powerful, omni-channel marketing platform. Delight your customers, measure campaign performance, and drive revenue with TouchpointMX. Turn your customers from occasional shoppers into loyal brand advocates, maximising your ROI along the way.

Effective engagement starts with personalised customer communications

Boost revenue, conversion rates, and customer engagement with personalised marketing automation.

Combine the flexibility of tailor-made emails with sophisticated and automated segmentation. Switch from predictable monthly newsletters to sophisticated, dynamic messages that shorten the sales cycle, improve loyalty, and encourage repeat shopping behaviour with TouchpointMX, or take your content into the palms of customers’ hands with SMS.

  • Increase engagement with targeted segmentation and message triggering
  • Keep your branding consistent at every point of interaction
  • Leverage dynamic content fields to engage individual interests

Dynamic survey tools enable feedback collection to identify your customers' needs

From NPS collection to multi-choice questionnaires, surveys built in TouchpointMX can be tailored to meet your specific requirements, allowing you to capture the important feedback needed to improve your business performance and customer experience.

  • Create surveys and questionnaires that match your brand requirements
  • Deploy surveys though any channel, and include promotions as required
  • Leverage skip-logic and question piping to keep content relevant and succinct

Increase basket size and improve retention with loyalty programs

Drive customer loyalty and retention with bespoke loyalty programs designed to improve revenue for your business. Deliver an omni-channel rewards system or simply keep customers up to date with content they care about, and reap the benefits to your ROI.

  • Improve purchase frequency with elegant rewards solutions
  • Deliver relevant content to improve sales performance
  • Interact on a personal level to turn your customers into advocates

Touchpoint Group, trusted by customer centric organisations worldwide

Measure ROI in real time for a complete understanding of performance

Take your campaign analytics to the next level by combining every available data source. Understand how email campaigns impact in-store shopping habits, measure repeat purchase behaviour, and grow your average basket size.

  • Powerful email analytics and tracking framework for digital campaigns
  • Integrate with POS systems or import data directly with an API
  • Automate campaign reporting to focus on the metrics you care about

Leverage the best combination of international experience and local roots

TouchpointMX is hosted right here in New Zealand. For small business and established enterprises alike, we offer plans tailored to suit the size and needs of your businesses, growing with you as those needs change.

  • Partner locally and leverage international experience
  • Choose from self-service or fully managed support options
  • Start with what you need; don’t pay for features you aren’t using

A team of experts, dedicated to your success

While self-service options are available, you can leverage the expertise of our team of project managers, designers, and industry professionals to ensure your campaigns are performing to the highest level. With TouchpointMX, deploying email, surveys, landing pages, remarketing, and loyalty programs is easy - and to make managing your campaigns even easier, the Touchpoint Group team becomes an extension of your own. We’re here to ensure your success - by any metric you’d like to measure.

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