Green Cross Health: Streamlining website functionality to retain customers and increase site engagement

Key Findings

  • A well mapped, streamlined user journey online is essential to retain customers and increase site engagement.
  • Understand how users interact with your website (from platforms to type of browsers) to ensure when building landing pages they're best fit for purpose.
  • Use iFrames & website skinning to keep users on your site, but utilise the functionality of third-party apps and forms.


Green Cross Health represents more than 361 community Pharmacies throughout New Zealand, under the Unichem and Life Pharmacy brands. Each year their pharmacists dispense more than 31 million script items and provide health and wellness care and advice, products and services to their communities every day both in-store and through online resources.

Over the last 6 years, since onboarding Touchpoint Group Green Cross Health has seen an increase in demand for online bookings of healthcare services, specifically through mobile devices. In early 2020, Unichem Pharmacy's website incorporated a third party booking tool that featured a store's bookable services and their location. Although the solution worked sufficiently for what was needed, it created a fractured user journey as the tool took users off the Unichem site and the experience stopped there, limiting the amount of 'further' information Unichem was able to provide its customers.

Project Priorities

Already an avid user of Touchpoint Groups services, Green Cross Health reached out to our services team to help quickly and efficiently drive acquisition and engagement on the Unichem site through an onsite service booking and locations portal, without having to invest significantly in a custom built tool.

Key business priorities were;

  • A responsive booking page, ensuring no matter the platform a user used to engage with the website, the website performed appropriately.
  • An easy, direct booking journey for users where they weren't redirected to third party sites.
  • Be completely editable in-house, so their marketing teams could update, amend or add services and extra content as needed.
  • The ability to provide further information and drive site engagement and interactions.

The Solution

Our service team worked with Green Cross Health stakeholders to map the ideal user journey through the website, ensuring business priorities were at the forefront of the project scope, but also reviewing alternative avenues to provide a seamless transition between pages and encourage further exploration, engagement and site interaction; whether it be leading to their online shop, search healthcare advice or book further services.

Once the journey was mapped, a service page example was drafted so stakeholders could see information flow. Each pharmacy had their own variation of services available and with unique naming conventions - this presented a challenge as a simple 'booking form' option was not possible.

Using the Landing Page partition in Touchpoint Groups Marketing Automation CMS, we were able to redesign the existing page structure through custom iFrame segments linking to Google Maps and their already established booking tool. This enabling the stakeholder to customise each service page as needed but retain formatting and functionality both in the front and back end of the website without the need for third-party site redirects

The Results - a +293% Increase in Unichem service bookings YoY

A simple solution to a problem that has plagued Unichem for the past 12+ months. Unichem is able to continue to use the systems already in place, with minor changes to the customer facing portal to better customer experience and no change to how their stores receive bookings, ensuring a seamless transition to the website upgrade.

Sarah Crawford, Green Cross Health’s Digital Marketing Lead commented; “The Flu Vaccination page has since become one of our highest viewed pages, and we’ve seen over 10,000 bookings since the booking functionality went live online for both the Life Pharmacy and Unichem websites in May [2021], driving a new incremental revenue stream online from historically a ‘walk-in’ service.

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