A totally new approach to understanding customer complaints


Improve customer experiences and reduce customer complaints through a disciplined and systematic approach to analysing customer feedback data

Touchpoint Group Solutions

Understand the levels of risk in your customer complaints data, including compliance, regulatory, and vulnerable customers

Get full detail on systemic issues impacting customers and what’s required (in detail) to improve

Track specific improvement initiatives in detail

Benefit from detailed AI analytics and reporting across all customer complaints throughout your organisation

Touchpoint Group's Customer Complaints Insights

Touchpoint Group's complaints framework applies AI text analytics to customer complaints to bring out detailed insights from otherwise underutilised data, bringing unprecedented detail and clarity to each stakeholder

Leveraging advanced proprietary text analytics and artificial intelligence combined with leading customer experience expertise

Empowering deep insights into the complaints from your customers

Enabling the optimisation of complaints management throughout your organisation

Customer Complaints Insights provides

Complaints reduction targeting:
  • Organisational risk
  • Systemic issues
  • Complaints trends
  • Risk reduction
  • Process improvements
  • Operational efficiencies
  • Cost reductions

Objectively and intricately know what is happening and the complaints being expressed

Benefit from strategic, tactical, and operational insights and recommendations

Make well-informed decisions based on comprehensive and intricate analysis of customer complaints

Confidently address potential issues and risks

Get direct access to our AI platform, Ipiphany-providing you with real-time data

Take your customer complaints insights programme to another level

Complete and optimise your complaints ecosystem through a disciplined and systematic approach to analysing your customer feedback data

The Customer Complaints Insights Framework

Focused on what drives customer complaints

Touchpoint Group’s customer complaints framework allows the root cause of issues to be identified, understood, and managed at scale. Complete topic models empower accurate tracking of trends at both the high-level and down to detailed subtopics. This enables a very comprehensive, robust approach that can be relied upon and leveraged across an oganisation

Get deep insight into…

Customer complaints at both the micro and macro level - ‘one-offs’ and systemic issues

Actionable insights to optimise customer complaints from throughout your ecosystem

What you get...

Through a combination of leading text analytics AI and experienced CX experts you are empowered through:

Regular reporting


Support services

Direct access to our AI platform, Ipiphany-providing you with real-time data

Touchpoint Group's Customer Complaints Analytics, Insights, and Reporting

To remain market competitive, and on the ‘right side’ of regulatory compliance companies must ensure that both their customer experience & complaints analytics and management governance are robust, fit-for-purpose, and delivering

Benefit from insights and recommendations that leverage our proprietary text analytics AI (Ipiphany) to harvest and analyse in depth your customer experience feedback


Know exactly what your customers are experiencing within your organisation’s ecosystem and the complaints they are sharing


Have the width and depth of analysis and reporting to effectively and efficiently mitigate potential issues and address events


Disciplined complaints analysis. Get deep insights into:

Revenue generation

Costs reduction

Enhanced business resilience


Customer Complaints Insights

Get granular detail…

  • Benefit from knowing the complaints from your customers in detail from an omni-present channel perspective
  • Focus on the most important customer complaints type, the nature of the experiences, and the customer journeys
  • Be in a position to be proactive and preemptive with comprehensive, robust information that empowers well-informed decision making and next best steps
Core Customer Journeys Reporting

Revel in high-level, easy-to-follow, graphical representation of the key issues identified and insights gained. The graphs that are produced highlight a wealth of granular and comprehensive analytics that are harvested from the customer complaints lodged throughout your organisation’s customer experience ecosystem


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