Touchpoint Group's CX-VoC Optimisation Solution

Focus on what drives customer sentiment

Improve your NPS and CSat scores (as well as other CX/ VoC scores)

Raise your current CX and VoC programme to the next level by extracting detailed customer sentiment insights

The challenge

CX/VoC programmes are a big investment and seldom optimised

CX/VoC programmes come with big expectations - expectations based on promises of what is possible, but seldom achieved

One of the biggest pain points is the clarity of what’s required to improve scores (e.g. NPS, CSat, and/ or Customer Effort) because customer comments are not effectively leveraged, if at all

The solution

Touchpoint Group’s CX-VoC Optimisation Solution

The CX-VoC Optimisation Solution frameworks include:

VoC Framework

App/ Digital Framework

Complaints Framework

Insurance Journeys Framework

Optimise your results without the requirement of changing your current VoC Solution

You benefit from customer insights experts who become an extension of your team

The CX-VoC Optimisation Solution is designed to provide stakeholders with clear, detailed, and prioritised direction on what’s required to maximise customer experience

Key benefits of the CX-VoC Optimisation Solution

Unearths the full potential of any VoC programme in terms of depth and detail of insights for stakeholders

Quick and comprehensive conversion of raw feedback into higher-value insights for well-informed stakeholder decision-making

Clear improvements in NPS and CSat scores. For example, 30% improvement in app scores within 18 months

Complete clarity on issues to ensure improvement investments are not misdirected. More traditional approaches will be too high-level to be as effective

The Optimised Customer Experience Clover

The Optimised Customer Experience Clover provides a pictorial, quick go-to representation of the frameworks (petals) that are available within the CX-VoC Optimisation Solution

You Get: Pre-built topic models that are sector-specific

We know that defining and constructing topics is a major pain point for clients
You don’t need to define nor construct the topics you need
The detail we provide in our topics for you is well-beyond what VoC systems provide. This makes the outputs significantly more actionable

You Get: Robust, reporting frameworks

Our CX-VoC frameworks empower focused analysis/reporting for specific purposes. All of the frameworks can be customised when and where needed

We provide:

Platform training-optimise your access to our text analytics AI platform


Advice on best practice

Additional reporting frameworks built as required

Results focused:

Churn reduced

Retention increased

Lower cost to serve

Increases in NPS, CSat, and Customer Effort scores (as well as other programmes you may have in place)


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