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The Touchpoint Group Banking App Awards showcase the best banking app experiences in the US and UK markets from a customer perspective. They recognise the work of the teams that have created exceptional experiences for their customers across foundational attributes and core app customer journeys.
Congratulations to our 2023 award winners!
*Results cover the period of Nov 2022 to Oct 2023
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Winner of Best Overall App (UK & US):
U.S. Bank

Congratulations U.S. Bank on winning best overall banking app (UK and US) for a second year in a row.

Winner of Best Overall App (UK):
Starling Bank

Winner of Best Overall App (US):
U.S. Bank

Regional Category Awards

Best Overall App Winner

US National Banks 2023: Citibank

In the competitive arena of the US National Banks category, the Touchpoint Group Banking App Awards 2023 highlighted a tight race among top contenders, with Citibank emerging as the winner.

This category showcased a keen contest between Bank of America, Citibank, and Discover, with customer feedback driving the evaluations, ensuring an authentic reflection of the performance of their banking apps in real-world scenarios.

Citibank's victory is underpinned by its consistent performance, as evidenced by its overall score fluctuating minimally between 4.5 and 4.6 throughout the year. This consistency was a key differentiator, setting Citibank apart from its competitors. Bank of America, though trailing slightly, showed potential for future gains, indicating close competition in the sector.

Runner-up: Bank of America

Participating Category Banks: Bank of America, Chase Bank, Citibank, Discover Financial, USAA, Wells Fargo

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Touchpoint Group Banking App Award | Best Overall App | US National Banks Winner 2023: Citibank
Subcategory Winners: 2023
US National Banks

Best Security & Authentication: Bank of America

Best UI & Design: Citibank

Best Reliability: Citibank

Best Functionality: Citibank

Touchpoint Group Banking App Award | Best Overall App | US Regional Banks Winner 2023: TD Bank
Best Overall App Winner

US Regional Banks 2023:
Regions Bank

In the US Regional Banks category of the Touchpoint Group Banking App Awards 2023 Regions Bank emerged as the winner amidst stiff competition, exemplifying a significant improvement over the past year. The assessment, based on customer feedback rather than professional opinion, highlighted the critical importance of user experience in this sector. The nominees demonstrated close competition, with Regions ultimately taking the lead.

Regions' journey to the top is notable for its significant improvement from a lower-ranking position a year prior. Their consistent upward trajectory, particularly from the start of the year, was pivotal in securing their victory. This progress is contrasted with Fifth Third Bank's late surge, indicating potential challenges for Regions in maintaining their lead in the future.

Overall, Regions Bank's success in the US Regional Banks category underscores their significant improvement and leadership in addressing key customer pain points. However, the tight competition, especially from contenders like KeyBank and Fifth Third Bank suggests an ongoing challenge in maintaining their lead, with ample opportunity for further enhancements.

Runner-up: Citizens Bank

Participating Category Banks: Citizens Bank, Fifth Third, Huntington, KeyBank, Regions, TD Bank

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Subcategory Winners: 2023
US Regional Banks

Best Security & Authentication: KeyBank

Best UI & Design: Regions

Best Reliability: Citizens and Regions (1st Equal)

Best Functionality: Regions

Best Overall App Winner

US Tier One Banks 2023:
U.S. Bank

U.S. Bank emerged as the market leader once again, clinching the title for the Best Overall App among US Tier 1 Banks. This victory marked their consecutive triumph, reaffirming their dominant position in the market. The evaluation was grounded in customer feedback, not merely expert opinion, underscoring the app's real-world effectiveness.

U.S. Bank distinguished itself with consistently high Engaged Customer Scores, averaging between 4.6 and 4.8 out of 5, a notable achievement on a global scale. Despite a minor glitch in April their overall performance showcased remarkable resilience and quality. The success is attributed to their excellence across several critical parameters evaluated through AI text analytics.

Runner-up: Capital One

Participating Category Banks: Capital One, PNC Bank, Truist, U.S. Bank

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Touchpoint Group Banking App Award | Best Overall App | US Tier One Banks Winner 2023: U.S. Bank
Subcategory Winners: 2023
US Tier One Banks

Best Security & Authentication: U.S. Bank

Best UI & Design: U.S. Bank

Best Reliability: U.S. Bank

Best Functionality: U.S. Bank

Congratulations U.S. Bank

Touchpoint Group Banking App Award | Best Overall App | UK Main Banks Winner 2023: Lloyds Bank
Best Overall App Winner

UK Main Banks 2023:
Lloyds Bank

In the 2023 UK Main Banks Banking App Awards category the top 3 nominees were Lloyds, Nationwide, and NatWest, with Lloyds emerging as the winner.

The award highlights the consistent performance of Lloyds. Lloyds maintained an Engaged Customer Score consistently above 4.5 out of 5 throughout the year, demonstrating its status as a global leader in banking apps.

The assessment of Lloyds' performance was based on advanced AI text analytics evaluating actual customer feedback across 4 key areas: Security & Authentication, UI & Design, Reliability, and Functionality. Lloyds excelled in all of these categories, showing low percentages of issues: Security & Authentication issues at 2%, UI & Design issues just over 2%, Reliability issues were below 8%, and Functionality issues were below 3%. This comprehensive success across robust metrics led to their well-earned victory.

Runner-up: NatWest

Participating Category Banks: Barclays, HSBC (UK), Lloyds, Nationwide, NatWest, Santander

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Subcategory Winners: 2023
UK Main Banks

Best Security & Authentication: Lloyds Bank

Best UI & Design: Lloyds Bank

Best Reliability: Lloyds Bank

Best Functionality: Lloyds Bank

Congratulations Lloyds Bank

Best Overall App Winner

UK Challenger Banks 2023: Starling Bank

In the UK Challenger Banks category for 2023, the top nominees, based on customer feedback, were Atom Bank, Metro Bank, and Starling Bank. Starling Bank emerged as the winner, continuing its trend of strong performance from 2023. The evaluation was primarily based on the Engaged Customer Score, which reflects the experiences and subsequent satisfaction of customers.

Starling Bank consistently maintained a high score, around 4.5 or slightly above, throughout the year. This performance was comparable to that of Lloyds in the Main Banks category, demonstrating Starling's robustness in the banking app sector. Notably, Atom Bank briefly surpassed Starling in this score for 1 or 2 months, but Starling consistently held the lead for the majority of the year.

Overall, Starling Bank's victory was a result of its consistent excellence across multiple key areas of the banking app experience despite facing stiff competition from other Challenger banks like Metro Bank, which fiercely contested Starling in specific areas, for example, UI & Design.

Runner-up:Metro Bank

Participating Category Banks: Atom Bank, Chase Bank, Metro Bank, Monese, Monzo, Revolut (UK), Starling Bank

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Touchpoint Group Banking App Award | Best Overall App | UK Challenger Banks Winner 2023: Starling Bank
Subcategory Winners: 2023
UK Challenger Banks

Best UI & Design: Metro Bank

Best Security & Authentication: Starling Bank

Best Reliability: Starling Bank

Best Functionality: Starling Bank

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