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Business performance and priorities change when customer expectations do

Drive revenue through acquisition and growth with marketing automation. Improve engagement and ease resource constraints with an interactive VoC experience management tool. Analyse insights, detect operational performance challenges and mitigate risk with comprehensive AI feedback analytics. All made possible in one single place with Touchpoint Group

Acquisition & Growth

Capture new customers and drive growth at scale. Grow your database, run dynamic campaigns, and decrease time to conversion. Start your relationship with your customer off on the right foot and measure the results.

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Engagement & Experience

Customer focused improvements drive business success. Inspire, educate, engage, and grow your audience with powerful CX tools. Address Voice of Customer (VoC) concerns with case management and create opportunities for customers to engage organically with your brand.

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AI Analytics & Performance

Analyse unstructured customer feedback data to understand changes in business performance, identify operational issues, and detect new revenue generating avenues. Use sentiment and competitior analysis to monitor public reviews. Uncover the root cause of customer issues using data you're already collecting.

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Advocacy & Loyalty

Turn customers into advocates with loyalty and rewards programs that drive repeat engagement. Drive retention with sales and incentive programs, and give your customers a personalised experience that resonates with their needs and drives revenue for your business.

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Why Touchpoint Group

A single place designed specifically to collect, manage, execute and analyse all your digital customer engagement and experience interactions. Gone are the days of using multiple platform providers.

+ 4 Million
Interactions monthly using Touchpoint solutions
21 Years
 In customer experience management technology
60 Seconds
To analyse 120k lines of unstructured text feedback
Different languages able to be translated & analysed

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