Drive revenue through acquisition and growth with marketing automation. Improve engagement and ease resource constraints with an interactive VoC experience management tool. Analyse insights, detect operational performance challenges and mitigate risk with comprehensive AI feedback analytics. All made possible in one single place with Touchpoint Group.


Drive growth in your marketing database and foster connections with existing customers using online promotions that run across multiple digital platforms. Target messages to individuals based on their desired platform for interactions. Capture new information, reachout through multiple touchpoints and increase awareness, engagement and action through online promotions.

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Leverage comprehensive feedback collection tools combined with case management, powerful real-time analytics customised to filter for relevant information, and help your business drive action to assist customers who need it, and prevent issues from reoccuring. TouchpointCX offers a powerful VoC framework that can be customised to suit your organisations' needs.

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Go beyond text analytics to uncover the "why" behind issues your customers are talking about. Ipiphany, our AI Customer Feedback Analytics tool, uses natural language processing to read and categorise text feedback from sources like reviews, VoC, and surveys to help you uncover the impact of issues your customers experience, with the specific detail you need to make measurable improvements.

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Certified by the world’s most trusted security management system

Touchpoint Group is ISO 27001 certified. All our platforms are tested and audited against the highest security standards worldwide.

ISO 27001 is a worldwide recognised information security management system which is favoured by those in the banking and financial sector due to its strict controls and regular auditing procedures.

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ISO 27001

Drive and Optimise Engagement

With a range of solutions designed to improve engagement and understand customer feedback to drive business performance and customer-focused outcomes, Touchpoint Group's team works with you to ensure the best possible outcomes for your customers and business.

Create and implement a strategy that puts your customers and stakeholders at the centre of your business, driving change and engagement that has a direct benefit to your metrics and goals.

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