Capture responses in the moment, improve customer sentiment and turn insights into results

The power of VoC platform

TouchpointCX is a cloud-based enterprise experience management platform that executes and consolidates customer feedback data in unified dashboards with an interactive resolution system and analytics reporting function.

Ensure feedback is sent to the right people, to quickly and efficiently generate immediate action and improve customer satisfaction and resolution. Based in New Zealand, Touchpoint Group is PCI DSS compliant and ISO27001 certified, ensuring all your customer data is captured and stored safely.

the power of voc analytics
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Case Study

How To Put Customers First & Drive Change In An Established Enterprise Business

Our client - an enterprise B2B and B2C provider - successfully used the TouchpointCX platform in their retail channel for approximately 2 years with a 10 point lift in NPS over the same period. The key? Making Customer Experience a priority in their organisation.