Measure customer satisfaction metrics
and unlock the cause behind the score


Applying text analysis to the open-ended responses in NPS and CSAT surveys provides a deeper insight of the context behind the score and illustrates it with granular detail to support understanding of the business changes needed to drive improvements.

  • Reinforces CX strategy & implementation
  • Highlight potential issues and areas of opportunity
  • Reduce costly mistakes in customer resolution
  • Track progress over a period of time ensuring you’re making the right decisions to better your customer experience scores and satisfaction

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Reveal the issues influencing your customer experience scores and satisfaction levels.

NPS and CSAT scores can provide an informative snapshot of the way customers feel about your organisation, but the true value is in the reason a customer chooses a certain score by responding to questions such as “Why did you rate us this score?”

Touchpoints AI text analytics tool reads, understands, and categorises feedback responses, providing a complete picture of the issues customers are experiencing. In minutes it can analyse thousands of text field responses and discover the root cause of issues with enough context and detail to help you provide actionable recommendations.

understand changes in  NPS
Analyse thousands of comments in minutes with Ipiphany

Measured results you can trust. Reinforce CX strategy & highlight areas of concern or opportunity.

This service reinforces CX strategy & implementation, highlights potential issues and areas of opportunity, reduces costly mistakes in customer resolution and enables you to track progress over a period of time ensuring you’re making the right decisions to better your customer experience scores and satisfaction. In return, you will see a reduction in churn, greater customer value propositions and overall deliver a better customer experience.

We don’t just analyse the feedback, we can capture it too

Harness the power of marketing automation to capture and analyse your customer experience data in one place. With customisable and intuitive survey-building and database segmentation tools, TouchpointMX offers a streamlined solution that captures in-moment customer data and enables you to import the results of NPS or CSAT surveys into our AI text analytics tfor analysis.

By combining these tools, you’ll streamline survey collection, unlock the reasons behind your NPS or CSAT, and use a powerful customer-centric framework to measure customer experience quality, track trends and issues, and gain a granular understanding of the business changes needed to drive improvements.

collect and analyse your NPS with Touchpoint Group
what is NPS
Blog Post

How NPS can help you improve business performance

NPS collection and analysis remains an important component of the CX toolkit - here are some key points to remember for a powerful NPS framework: how to take advantage of its strengths, as well as some of the insights you might find when you analyse your data.

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