Automate coding and relationship mapping by
using AI text analytics for market research data


Discover how AI powered comment coding and analytics can revolutionise the way you execute and analyse surveys.

  • Gather deeper insights into customer behaviour and experiences by changing the way you ask questions
  • Automate data analysis and spend less time on manual keyword coding by utilising the power of Natural Language Processing (NLP)
  • Connect cause to effect with granular detail
  • Define a path to execution and reinforce business strategy

Touchpoint Group, trusted by customer centric organisations worldwide

Deliver results that build client confidence and generate more powerful results

Touchpoint is a service led provider. We integrate, optimise and work alongside market research agencies and insight teams to help deliver greater results. Our platform is designed to delve deeper into survey responses to draw out common themes, areas of opportunities and insights that are not possible (or time/resource heavy) to manually analyse. In just minutes, it can read thousands of lines of open-ended feedback text and automatically code and segment topics by categories and impact.

automatic coding for market research data
analyse thousands of comments in minutes with ipiphany

Spend more time extracting valuable insights and less time connecting the dots

Save valuable time otherwise spent manually coding responses, and reap the rewards of consistent, thorough results. Analysing unstructured feedback not only helps reduce the amount of questions needed in a survey but opens the possibility of gathering a wider breadth of issues and experiences within responses not possible to determine using structured questions. Understand what truly drives respondent’s behaviour and opinions. Build client confidence by offering greater insights with actionable outcomes and solutions driven by respondent feedback.

Retain current clients and offer greater value to new ones

We can work with old data to draw out new insights, benchmark businesses against industry leaders, compare external research results with internal CX feedback to gain a broader picture of business performance, and most importantly track ongoing trends and pain point resolution over time.

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understand root cause of customer issues
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Case Study

How automated coding delivers fast, powerful results for Market Resarch Agencies

Market research agencies are uniquely positioned to take advantage of advances in NLP and text analytics; in this case study, we explore how a Touchpoint Group Client augmented their standard practices using our AI text analytics tool, Ipiphany.

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