The Mobile Customer Experience Analytics (MCXA) Report* Our premier report on the state of banking apps

Make well informed strategic decisions by leveraging analytics and recommendations based on feedback on your banking app and benchmarked against other banking apps in your competitive landscape.

*Produced in partnership with Curinos.

Why you need the MCXA Report

Mobile banking is fast becoming the 'front door' of the banking experience for customers, and more recently the most influential channel of choice for finance management

The MCXA report is a report that is especially beneficial if you're leading the strategic direction of your organisation's banking app and/or your bank's overall customer experience programme, for example, Chief Digital Officers.

The report empowers winning strategic planning for your banking app through providing expert analytics, insights, reporting, and recommendations driven from detailed, comprehensive, robust analysis based on an enormous amount of banking app user feedback - providing valuable knowledge about your competitive landscape.

MCXA Report:


Get empowered through comprehensive insights and recommendations on banking apps to formulate and implement robust strategic plans that optimise your banking app.


Know how your banking app is performing and benchmark against others in the local and global competitive landscape (we gather data daily and 1+ million pieces of feedback per annum).


Benefit from having global experts in banking app customer experience working with you - providing a strong empirical base from which you build your strategic plans.

About MCXA

Unparalleled coverage

We track 60+ bank apps across 4 leading markets to uncover who is leading and what it takes to win in your segment based on global customer experience excellence.

Revel in the additional benefits of creating a holistic banking app customer experience analytics programme by combining the MCXA to great effect with one or more of our tactical and/or operational products to guide and support your strategies. Providing you with:

  • Access to monthly reporting providing analytics and recommendation
  • Consultation, training, and support services
  • Direct access to our AI platform to have the data at your fingertips whenever you want
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Our coverage of customer feedback is second-to-none

We're experts in the banking app landscape worldwide

Across 8
geo-segments covered


Banking app comments
analysed annually


Journeys analysed*




Attributes analysed*


*The most important are included in this report.


More of our banking app reporting solutions

The MCXA report provides exceptional benefits in its own right and can also be combined to great effect with one or more of our tactical and/or operational products
Tactical & Operational
Banking App Customer Experience Solutions

Leverage in conjunction with the MCXA report or use them independently.

Be empowered to maximise your banking app through our range of banking app analytics and reporting tools. Supported by consulting and training services designed to ensure you are getting the best results from your banking app nomatter what stage you are at. If you're a stakeholder in the introduction, maintenance, and/or changes to a banking app these are the solutions for you.

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Foundational Attributes Reporting

An annual subscription with reports produced monthly.

Leveraging SURF analysis to ensure you're getting the foundational attributes right. Foundational attributes examples include, but are not limited to Open App & Authenticate, Update Mobile App, App Usability, App Operability, App Reliability, App Functional Suitability, App Performance, and App Security.

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Core Customer Journeys Reporting

An annual subscription with reports produced monthly.

Analysing and reporting on the core customer journeys available via your app. Core customer journeys include, but are not limited to Check Account Balance via App, Monitor Account Activity via App, Transfer Between Accounts via App, and Pay Bills via App.

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