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Gain insights, recommendations, and help to make well informed, timely decisions by leveraging the customer experience analytics solutions provided by Touchpoint.
Strategic Reporting
Mobile Customer Experience Analytics (MCXA) Report

Especially relevant when leading the strategic direction of your organisation's banking app.

Our premier, quarterly report on the performance of banking apps across your competitive landscape. Produced in partnership with Curinos.

Enhance your banking app strategy, builds, enhancements, and management through insights and recommendations derived from direct user (customer) feedback in the form of ratings combined with verbatim comments.

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Tactical & Operational Reporting
Banking App Customer Experience Solutions

Leverage in conjunction with the MCXA report or use them independently.

Be empowered to maximise your banking app through our range of banking app analytics and reporting tools. Supported by consulting and training services designed to ensure you are getting the best results from your banking app nomatter what stage you are at. If you're a stakeholder in the introduction, maintenance, and/or changes to a banking app these are the solutions for you.

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Loyalty Programmes
Customer Loyalty+

Drive advocacy, retention, and engagement through a loyalty and incentive programme from Touchpoint Group.

Our Customer Loyalty+ solution is customised to your brand and is specifically designed to resonate with shoppers and lead to increases in:

  • Customer numbers
  • Customer patronage
  • Number of sales
  • Number of sales
  • Repetition and regularity of sales
  • Sales value
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