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April 2024 Indian Banking App Insights Session

In the latest Insights Session, Glenn Marvin and Yazad Karkaria from Touchpoint Group discuss the performance of banking apps in the Indian market. This session highlights how customer feedback can influence the strategies of prominent banks, emphasising the importance of benchmarking using Touchpoint Group’s Ipiphany platform. Here’s a detailed look at the key findings and insights.

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April 2024 UK Banking App Rankings and Insights Session

In this month's Banking App Insights session, we explore the latest trends and insights in the banking app market. This session focuses on the UK market for April 2024, analysing performance, identifying emerging issues, and providing strategies for staying ahead with new app versions. Let's dive into the key findings and recommendations.

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April 2024 US Banking App Rankings and Insights Session

The April 2024 Touchpoint Group Insights session on the US market focuses on analyzing app review data from 40 US banks to understand customer experience and identify opportunities for improvement. 3 key areas included in this session are: (1) The importance of analyzing online app reviews (2) Quickly identifying and resolving issues (3) Ensuring no new insights are missed

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