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July 2022 US Regional Banks App Performance Snapshot

TD Bank has held a great lead with Fifth Third Bank remaining in second place for some time now. In this month’s US Regionals banking app snapshot we investigate the gap between these two players, and identify what Fifth Third Bank needs to do to take the first place position.

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July 2022 US National Banks App Performance Snapshot

In our snapshot of US National Banks this month we are turning our attention to the top performers to investigate the gap between Citibank and Bank of America. Watch the full video to find out where Bank of America needs to focus their attention to close the gap to take the top spot.

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June 2022 UK Legacy Banks App Performance Snapshot

With a focus on underperformers, the stand-out this month in the UK Legacy Banks category is HSBC and what appears to be their obliviousness to the decline in their app’s performance. Despite this being a big problem for HSBC, we see no evident improvement in sight.

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