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Executive Summary: UK Banking App Insights for August 2023

This session underscores the vital necessity for banks to maintain a consistently high-quality digital experience for their users. The insights obtained from this analysis, particularly regarding Santander and NatWest, demonstrate that even minor glitches can significantly impact user satisfaction.

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July 2023 UK Banking App Rankings & Insights

In the latest Touchpoint Group banking app insights session with CRO Glenn Marvin and head of Customer Intelligence, Tony Patrick, we uncover insights into the application performance metrics of several major banks, both challenger and traditional. This month the focus is primarily on the user experience metrics and their correlation with customer feedback.

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July 2023 US Banking App Rankings and Insights Session

In this month's insights session, hosted by Touchpoint Group, Glenn Marvin and Tony Patrick dissected the current state of banking apps, specifically analyzing data for July 2023 in the U.S. market. Their session offers invaluable insight into the multifaceted nature of customer satisfaction, emphasizing the importance of monitoring small, incremental changes that can snowball into significant impacts on user experience.

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