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Feb 2023 UK Banking App Rankings and Insights

Starling Bank continues its overall dominance in the UK market with Lloyds, RBS, NatWest and Halifax all very tightly grouped together and any one of these banks could take second place and look to catch Starling if they prioritise their energy on the features and journeys identified with the biggest gaps in engaged customer scores with the other competing banks.

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UK Challenger Banking App Performance Rankings 2022 A Year in Review

Starling Bank takes out the Touchpoint Group Best Engaged Customer Score Award for 2022. In fact Starling Bank als wins the global supreme award for best app globally. The Starling Bank app performance has been the standout for Global best practice in 2022 and Touchpoint clients have the opportunity to use the Touchpoint reporting technology to look behind the iron curtain and understand what makes the Starling Bank app just so good.

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US Regional Banks App Performance - 2022 A Year in Review

2022 was a year of changing fortunes for Regional Banking App performance. TD Bank takes out the overall best performing Regional Banking app award for 2022 with the best average Engaged Customer Scores (ECS) over the year. TD Bank however has slipped in the last quarter and where they have ranked as high as eighth in the entire US Market, they slipped to 12th in the latest ranking schedule produced for December 2022.

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UK Legacy Banking App Performance 2022 A Year in Review

Lloyds Bank take out the Touchpoint Group overall top performin App for Engaged Customer Score (ECS) in 2022 and have been one of the most consistent performers in this market segment. It is rare to see a dip in ranking or score for the Lloyds Bank app and while they still have a bit to do to catch Starling Bank in the overall UK market, the app is right up there with the Global leaders.

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