How To Put Customers First & Drive Change In An Established Enterprise Business

Our client successfully used the TouchpointCX platform in their retail channel for approximately 2 years with a 10 point lift in NPS over the same period.

The Problem

During this period other parts of the business were supported by a number of traditional satisfaction survey programs and competitive Net Promoter Score (NPS) programs delivered in part, internally and through third-party research agencies. However, these programs had failed to deliver any significant engagement with the operational areas of the business. The business consisted of >1m customers across multiple brands, 1500+ customer facing staff and delivering services via retail, contact centre and online (locally and overseas).

A decision was made at the Executive level to make customer experience management a key part of the business strategy – a project was initiated to develop a single company-wide Voice of Customer (VoC) program.

The Solution

The program, designed by TouchpointCX Practice team in conjunction with a newly formed VoC team & various stakeholders within the company, was predominantly channel/interaction focused by helping the business to map the customer touchpoints and channels, design surveys to best capture cross-channel interactions, allow staff to review data sources and design of data feeds and trigger journeys. A key challenge was to design a user-friendly dashboard that allowed all staff through various departments to use it and execute cross management reporting functions.

Feedback came in multiple forms. Customers were surveyed after all interactions via

  • Contact Centre (Email/Phone/Chat)
  • Retail Stores
  • Mobile Phone App
  • Website / feedback – after forms are completed
  • Online Store
  • My Account (Self-Service)

TouchpointCX was able to pull all data forms together through the VoC platform measuring NPS, overall experience, service experience and first call resolution.

Hierarchical-based dashboards segmented further, down to individual staff levels allowing Team Leaders to set-up feedback alerts and assign cases.

The Conclusion

Working closely with a dedicated team and with the support from exec level management, the launch of the Customer Experience (CX) and VoC platform was executed in 2 months and to budget. The project immediately showed significant momentum across the business as initiatives to fix root cause issues got underway with a number of early wins. To quote the senior executive responsible for the program: “In all my 20 years working I’ve never seen an insight program make such a huge difference in such a short time in a business like this. It’s so exciting to watch.”

The success was driven by strong support by the executive team and CEO, alignment and usability of the CX program with company strategy and objectives.


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