ANZ: How TouchpointMX Created an Agile Working Environment in a Large Enterprise Organisation

As one of New Zealand’s leading banks, many looked to ANZ for leadership and direction in customer experience when it was announced the country was to move into lockdown and businesses were to cease trading temporarily to eradicate COVID-19. ANZ has over a million customers with both business and personal accounts, all of which had a range of financial concerns about their circumstances.

Balancing and actioning the government's announcements and restrictions while maintaining prompt and accurate communication with various customer segments became top priority. The large, multifaceted customer base created questions around whether an agile approach could be achieved, but agility was mandated in unprecedented times.

The Problem

As New Zealand entered a state of uncertainty, ANZ faced a unique situation. The scale of the disruption to both the Banking sector and its customers, plus the need to mass communicate to all its stakeholders with accuracy and timeliness created a set of unique circumstances and issues.

  • ANZ needed to upscale standard communication delivery rates immediately
  • Promotions and scheduled advertising campaigns needed to be put on hold
  • Databases of millions needed to be re-segmented into new categories
  • Communications needed new, unplanned dynamic and variable content

And this was just the tip of the iceberg.

The Solution

ANZ has had a strong long-standing relationship with Touchpoint Group. With the security measures and best practice data management already in place, the time spent developing an API that worked seamlessly with ANZs database put the team in a good position to take on the challenge.

TouchpointMX worked with ANZ's marketing divisions across retail, personal, business, investment and wealth. With trying circumstances (as the entire Touchpoint Group and ANZ teams simultaneously shifted to working from home), the team and MX platform was customised to provide a massive upscale in standard delivery rates, requiring careful server monitoring and the hands-on management of an increase up to 300% in rate of communications delivery. The MX platform enabled ANZ to utilise its dynamic and variable content capability, allowing specific emails to be targeted to smaller subgroups, with each group having custom sections of relevant content based on their interactions and relationship with ANZ. New, agile trigger emails were scheduled as developments unfolded in New Zealand’s fight against COVID-19.

The Conclusion

ANZ was uniquely positioned to take on this challenge, having already utilised Touchpoint MX to execute triggered and campaign eDMs, create web forms, landing pages and mini-sites. Originally set up to host large scale email distribution of scheduled campaigns, the Touchpoint Group and ANZ teams were able to pivot seamlessly to provide support to ANZ customers in all segments throughout this unprecedented situation.

ANZ has been heralded on national radio networks as standing out with great communication to their customers. As they stand among the greats, actions from this experience will impact campaign delivery and set up in the future, and have proven that with the right assistance, a large, traditionally structured organisation has the ability to react with agility and deliver an excellent customer experience when facing a challenge of this scale.

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