Wireless Nation: Driving Exceptional Customer Experience Through Marketing Automation

Wireless Nation: Driving Exceptional Customer Experience Through Marketing Automation

Wireless Nation is a leading award-winning Kiwi internet service provider specialising in providing WiFi access to ‘out-of-reach’ Kiwi’s across the country. From urban and rural homes and businesses, to motorhomes and boats - Wireless Nation uses innovative technology and is network agnostic allowing them to provide connectivity anywhere within New Zealand.
This innovative, entrepreneurial way of working has driven their business forward to win ‘Best Wireless Service Provider 2020 & Best Specialist Broadband Provider 2019’ at the Broadband Compare TUANZ Awards, and has led them to take an intuitive step to grow and further develop their marketing. We sat down with Miro Sudzum, Wireless Nation’s Marketing Manager, to learn more about the challenges their marketing team faces as the business expands, and the improvements they are undertaking to provide a seamless onboarding experience, improved customer engagement and most importantly drive revenue growth through marketing automation.

The Challenge

Wireless Nation historically used an in house built CRM system that, when growing exponentially, quickly became outdated and restrictive. Over time the manual process of exporting and importing customer data from multiple sources became daunting and resource heavy. 

With little ability to segment lists or set up triggered emails, the shortcomings of their CRM system were beginning to have an operational impact on the marketing department. This led them to move CRM and in turn opened up opportunities to integrate third party software.

In March 2020, Wireless Nation reached out to Touchpoint Group to discuss the opportunity of marketing automation in the telco industry. They knew if they could better service their customers through automatic marketing campaigns at specific points in the customer journey they’d not only reduce bottlenecks within their call-centre operations but also open a new potential engagement channel that created further upsell opportunities and better yet, improve their customer experience.

Wireless Nation offers numerous technological solutions to a diverse range of customers, and collects customer data at a range of data points along the customer journey. The different ways in which this information is gathered and stored, and the private nature of some of this data, meant that an ‘out of the box’ marketing automation system would not be a viable option.

The Solution

Touchpoint Group’s engagement and experience platform, TouchpointMX, specialises in email marketing solutions personalised to business needs. TouchpointMX allows Wireless Nation to tailor direct messages to customers based on a range of campaigns, promotions, customer interactions and product onboarding activities and houses all the data in a single, secure place allowing for a complex segmentation structure.

With a prime focus on acquisition and growth, Wireless Nation has set up a customer interaction journey to onboard new customers using automatically triggered emails activated as the customer moves through the onboarding process. The solution has set core KPIs for the business that focus on increasing customer engagement, improving product awareness, streamlining customer experience and reducing the impact on business operations (such as reducing call centre volumes, resources and indirect business costs).

The best of TouchpointMX

Miro Sudzum, Wireless Nation’s Marketing Manager, highlighted how powerful the ability to target messages based on where a customer is on their lifecycle journey with Wireless Nation.

“TouchpointMX enables us to provide tailored communication based on our customers' chosen solutions, how long they have been with us, and if they have certain products with us or not. This allows us to filter through relevant, and most importantly, timely information to our customers when they are most likely to need that information, and best of all - it’s automated. This opens up organic cross-sell opportunities for our mobile and home phone solutions too.”

Tailoring messages specific to a customer’s situation has not only helped reduce call and ticket volume, but also opened up new revenue generation opportunities. This ensures their customers are getting the best value for their money and Wireless Nation can continue to drive advocacy and loyalty amongst an already captured audience.

The Results

Sudzum says “Whilst still in the early phases, we have already seen an impact on both our operations and resource efficiencies; specifically in the reduction of call volumes around FAQ and onboarding questions through to our call centre.” Over time these small changes to the way they interact with their customers will drive better engagement, greater brand perception and add welcome revenue to the bottom line.

Email marketing automation is a huge part of the overall digital marketing strategy for any business.

By partnering with a customer engagement powerhouse such as Touchpoint Group and keeping data stored securely in a single platform, businesses like Wireless Nation have the opportunity to expand their marketing initiatives by implementing additional engagement systems such as a custom loyalty program, VoC experience management system, and even the opportunity to undertake in-depth customer analytics and business performance monitoring.

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