Drive customer and stakeholder retention at scale

Staff & Customer Retention Management

Retention is more cost-effective than acquisition. Take control of both staff and customer retention programs with a single powerful experience management system that puts you in control with a complete understanding of the key drivers behind churn so you can stop it before it happens.

  • Voice of the Customer feedback collection
  • Case Management with real-time alerts
  • Dashboards and real-time reporting
  • Insight distribution to key stakeholders
  • Complaints resolution management

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Focus feedback collection on the moments that matter most

Flexible, dynamic surveys and advanced frequency management makes it easy to avoid damaging customer relationships by over-surveying, while allowing you to maintain a statistically significant sample size for benchmarking and trends analysis.

Trigger surveys after critical events (like a big purchase or a policy renewal) so you can capture feedback that is fresh in the moment that a customer is willing to share their experience.

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Leverage employee knowledge to define customer experience improvement

Frontline staff observe thousands of interactions with customers per day, and are uniquely positioned to understand factors that negatively impact customer experience. 

Gather employee insights by enabling feedback submissions and use a robust framework to identify solutions that will improve both employee and customer experience.

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React and report in real-time to stop issues at the source

Keep abreast of issues your customers experience in near real-time. Discovering an issue in your call centre months after it happens can lead to critical loss in revenue, and won't help your customer retention.

Analyse and report on incoming feedback as it happens to gain an understanding of issues causing churn, identify operational bottlenecks, and identify solutions that will help improve customer and staff experience.

Case Study

How VoC feedback analysis can help detect and prevent churn for insurance providers.

Analysing trends allows you to leverage date tracking to understand how customer issues change over time, giving your team the opportunity to solve issues before they become systemic problems, as well as providing a baseline to help inform decisions about what improvements are likely to have the biggest impact.

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Customer Experience Metrics

Capture customer feedback from NPS, CSAT, Customer Effort, or VoC campaigns and understand how your customers are discussing and interacting with your organisation.

Unlock the cause behind the score in granular detail so you can understand how to make changes that will improve customer experience at the source of the issue.

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Surveys & Questionnaires

Creating new ways for your customers to interact with your business online can drive conversion, improve loyalty, and make your brand 'stick' in the minds of consumers. With interactive modules to create anything from customer surveys and employee training programs, to points-based rewards programmes, Touchpoint Group allows for the flexibility you need to engage your audience.

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Loyalty Programmes

Create and maintain loyal brand advocates from your customer base using personalised messaging and loyalty programs designed to support your business in driving customer retention. Delight customers with messaging that appeals to their needs and meets them across channels while reporting on KPIs to demonstrate the measurable business benefit for your brand.

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