Professional Email Templates & Database Segmentation For Remarketing, Loyalty & More

Custom Email Templates

Custom Templates

TouchpointMX stores your branding, design and frequently used content in one place to ensure all facets of your digital marketing are cohesive with the added benefit of allowing dynamic, recipient-specific content to be included in your emails.

Using a WYSIWYG website editor, the platform is familiar in layout and functionality to many word processing editors. Create beautiful emails and webpages with no HTML experience required.

Customer Triggered Emails

TouchpointMX has the ability to execute multi-level triggered messages activated by the way customers interact and engage with your campaigns and digital marketing. Rules can be set up to be as simple or as sophisticated as you need via an easy to use tracking dashboard. Customise the journey your customer takes with you by automatically programming what message to send, via which platform and when.

Triggered and customer activated messages
Mobile Optimisation on Phone and Tablet

Mobile Optimisation

A vast majority of customer communications are now viewed on a mobile phone or tablet.

TouchpointMX allows you to preview what your campaigns will look like on desktop and mobile, giving you the opportunity to refine and optimise your messages to ensure your content works across all devices.