Certified Klaviyo partners to amplify your messages and scale your customer relationships

Klaviyo Partner

Our comprehensive, results-driven approach is where performance meets results.

As certified Klaviyo partners we go beyond what in-house teams are capable of. Utilising a unique blend of strategy, testing, deployment, and creativity we help brands scale their email marketing engagements and revenue.

Send your customers the only marketing emails they will want to read!

Every day your customers are inundated with marketing emails - all vying for their attention.

Where do most of them go?

The abyss of "unreads", trash, or spam. It doesn't have to be that way for yours.

  • On average, Klaviyo's multi-channel platform drives 30% of total online revenue for customers (i.e. owned revenue)
  • Customers who combine email and SMS see on average 122x ROI

The Touchpoint Way

The Touchpoint Way flow chart

Amplify your messaging in 4 easy steps

Step 1: Audit

Have us conduct a deep analysis of your email program – you might be surprised at what we find. We examine your process, metrics, strategy, data, and other critical areas. Then we analyse everything from your business goals through to your customer profiles - providing meaningful recommendations for holistic email campaign enhancement.

It doesn't always require a complete overhaul either. This process often uncovers relatively simple improvements that can deliver a big lift – even for complex email programs.

Step 2: Action Plan

The last thing you need is another strategy document. We work with you to create an action plan focused on deliverables, and prioritisation of actions based on their projected impact on your business objectives.

Step 3: Deploy

Whether you need additional resources to handle the production of your email assets or you need more knowledge of email design best practices, the Touchpoint team can handle the concept and coding of all your emails to ensure your program is the most efficient and effective it can be.

We also provide full management of all email testing and message deployments so you can stay focused on other objectives.

Additionally, we empower you and your team to take on the actions where you have the in-house capability to manage in a true partnership approach. Unlike many of the cowboy agencies out there we are focused on business outcomes, not how much revenue we can get out of our clients. If you have the capability we will support you to execute!

Step 4: Optimise

As a high performing team we look to get the best out of every single campaign. This means looking at what has and what has not worked and taking a proactive approach with our clients and partners to ensure we accelerate your business growth through taking action.

No email campaign (especially automated) should be "set and forget". If you use this approach you are leaving money on the table.

As Klaviyo partners, and specialist email marketers for over 20 years, we know the value of reviewing performance, testing, and tweaking campaigns to fully realise the potential of your database and your business.