FANZ: Leveraging TouchpointMX To Drive Customer Engagement Online

FANZ:  Leveraging TouchpointMX To Drive Customer Engagement Online


FANZ (Funds Administration New Zealand Ltd) is a subsidiary of SBS Bank with a historical base in Southland. In addition to providing its members with the best possible service, FANZ helps them create an investment plan tailored to their long-term goals by understanding their financial situation. FANZ manages the savings of more than 20,000 New Zealanders through providing private wealth services, the Lifestages KiwiSaver Scheme, and the Lifestages Investment Funds.

We spoke with Owen Hallmark, Marketing Specialist for FANZ, to learn more about their goals of providing FANZ with powerful marketing automation technology. As their business rapidly expanded, FANZ wanted a product that would support this growth as well as enhance their online presence and marketing strategy.

Touchpoint Group’s services have helped to provide targeted marketing campaigns, improving their member engagement and most importantly ensuring top quality service to all of their members.

The Challenge

FANZ were seeking a tool that would automate their marketing and bring their member communications to the next level, helping them provide a higher level of service to their growing member base. They were looking for an EDM platform that could unify all of their member, staff and prospect EDM Programmes so that over time they could manage communications internally, as well as wanting to introduce sophisticated automation in the future.

In April 2021 FANZ reached out to Touchpoint Group to discuss the opportunity of marketing automation in the financial services industry. They knew they had more to offer their members at certain stages of their financial journey, and needed a partner to help them deliver this.

The Solution

Touchpoint Group's engagement and experience platform, TouchpointMX, provides customised marketing automation solutions. Through TouchpointMX, FANZ can create a variety of direct messages tailored to the needs of individual members by taking advantage of campaign, promotion and interaction data. In addition, all data is housed in one, secure location, allowing for a range of segmentation options.

With the prime focus on providing a better service to their members, FANZ plan to grow their digital presence and onboard new members by setting up automated triggered communications and campaigns, sending EDM surveys, SMS’s and using our API automated data feeds. Throughout this process, they’ll make use of the analytics features within TouchpointMX to ensure they’re making data-driven decisions that will have the biggest impact on their members.

Having the ability to combine all their data sources into one easy to use platform was critical for their member segmentation goals. Grouping staff, clients and prospective clients into defined segments and targeting their marketing and communications can help to improve experience and engagement.

The Best of TouchpointMX

Owen Hallmark, FANZ's Marketing Specialist, realized TouchpointMX would be the perfect solution for their goals and how they were looking to achieve them.

“We’ve found the guys at Touchpoint to be very responsive in understanding our objectives and requirements. Especially during the period of getting us started while we worked on securing internal people resources. There has been great synergy working with Touchpoint, as our parent company SBS Bank is also one of their clients and we have been able to share learnings to benefit the way we work together.”

As well as exploring the addition of digital promotions to their campaigns, the next big steps include rolling out SMS notifications and designing and testing landing pages.

The Results

So far, Owen and his team have “enjoyed the simplicity of the email templates and the instant analytics that are available.” They’ve found Touchpoint Group's complete product line to be extremely helpful to them and in the future, they plan on using Touchpoint Group to automate milestones in their clients' investment lifecycles and add further value.

Using TouchpointMX, FANZ has developed a collection of customised email campaigns that provide a consistent brand experience across all emails and using a powerful email segmentation and automation strategy to ensure they’re adding targeted value for their members. Furthermore, the additional use of surveys within these campaigns will enable them to understand their members and provide greater insight into priorities that meet the member’s needs and exceed expectations.

A large part of any business's overall digital marketing strategy is email marketing automation. With Touchpoint Group's help, business entities like FANZ can expand their digital marketing presence by implementing additional engagement systems such as a customer loyalty program, a Voice of Customer management system, and even provide in-depth customer analytics and business performance monitoring.

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