Operational Performance

Detect and prevent issues that negatively impact customer experience due to operational processes and business performance. Streamline inefficiencies within your business model and identify areas causing bottlenecks and restricting department growth by implementing a specialised reporting framework specifically designed around your company's priorities.

  • Mitigate risk (highlight SWOT, potential issues, areas of improvement)
  • Improve operational performance of customer touchpoints
  • Reduce overheads and business costs (in resources and claim resolution)
  • Provide a true understanding of product / service / team performance
  • Improve sales conversion timeframe & customer retention
  • Targeted approach to drive sales revenue, renewals and upsell

A Tool For Every Need

Business Recovery Review

Understand the effects of COVID-19 or other major economic events on your business, competitors, and sector. Analyse the impact over time, and uncover issues in granular detail to help determine the best course of action to guide your business through recovery.

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VoC Feedback Analysis (for Insurance)

Detect and prevent issues that impact customer claims and business performance by streamlining operational inefficiencies and identifying opportunities to reduce churn. Investigate and understand issues that cause bottlenecks and decrease department performance using a customisable reporting framework that shares critical detail with relevant stakeholders in near real-time.

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Customer Retention Analysis

Analyse and draw out issues experienced by customers within your Customer Experience (CX) feedback to understand the root cause of churn. Improve retention by prioritising improvements based on solutions that will have the biggest impact for your business and its stakeholders.

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Identifying the critical journey between analyses and action

Turn simple AI feedback analyses into more with a consistent, detail-relevant, actionable reporting framework designed for executives and decision makers. Use this to improve and monitor long-term operational performance and prioritise business KPIs.

  • Determine issues experienced by customers within your business, product or service that are restricting internal performance efficiencies.
  • Define customer journey touchpoints that restrict growth, limit conversion and impact sales.

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