Customer Engagement Management

Engaging with your database turns first-time orders into repeat customers, increases order frequency, and encourages customer advocacy. Execute campaigns that are designed to create opportunities for your customers to interact with your brand, and quantify the success with powerful tracking and reporting tools.

  • Drive repeat sales and increase basket size with remarketing
  • Delight customers with dynamic content personalised to their needs
  • Create opportunities to interact in ways your customers love
  • Measure KPIs in real-time to understand how engagement translates to revenue

A Tool For Every Need

Customer Experience Metrics

Capture customer feedback from NPS, CSAT, Customer Effort, or VoC campaigns and understand how your customers are discussing and interacting with your organisation.

Unlock the cause behind the score in granular detail so you can understand how to make changes that will improve customer experience at the source of the issue.

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Email Marketing Toolkit

Send segmented messages with dynamic content to drive email conversion and create a robust source of revenue for your business.

Harness the power of email effectively using our team of experts and the Email Marketing Toolkit, leveraging industry insight and experience to create high-performing marketing campaigns.

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Sales & Marketing ROI Reporting

Quantify the effectiveness of your digital marketing strategy as it translates to revenue from your retail locations in real-time. Understand which email campaigns drive conversion to different segments of your customer base, and use this information to create higher-performing campaigns.

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Use omni-channel marketing and analyses to drive engagement

The modern shopper expects relevant information delivered to their inbox regularly enough to remind, but not annoy. They also expect a seamless transition from in-store to online shopping experiences. While these expectations can seem insurmountable, the reward you get for achieving customer satisfaction is a customer who becomes a loyal and supportive advocate of your brand.

Drive engagement and personalisation that converts customers into brand advocates today, armed with a team of experts that can help make your campaign ideas a reality. 

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