Measure ROI from online campaigns to in-store sales


Measure and report on the true return on investment of your digital marketing campaigns against offline transactional sales in your retail locations. Avoid making generalisations using loyalty card conversion and get a holistic understanding of customer conversion across all touch points.

  • Gain clarity over the conversion of email to retail sales
  • Understand which messages or customer segments convert the best
  • Make informed decisions about customer segmentation
  • Report daily across all campaign performance without manual data entry

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Email marketing is famous for it's high ROI. Calculate yours now with our easy calculator.

Send volume


The number of emails sent per year

Type of calculation

Calculation type

Total Costs

Total costs are usually:
CRM and license fee,
External costs (agency)
Internal hours x hourly rate

Net conversion value

The average Net value of a conversion

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Complete the calculation by using the sliders below and make sure you talk to one of our email marketing experts to see where you can make improvements and see the impact they can make on your bottom line.

Open Rate
The percentage of people that open your emails relative to the number of emails sent

Click Rate
The percentage of people that click through on your emails relative to the number of emails opened

Conversion Rate
The percentage of people convert after clicking through on your email


Calculate your email marketing Return On Investment

Email marketing has one of the highest return on investment of all online marketing channels. Calculating your email marketing ROI is a necessity if you want to know how your email marketing campaigns are doing and improve your email marketing results. We also need to do this quite often, so we created this easy to use and free email Marketing ROI calculator for you to use.

Total Response per year

Total opens
Total clicks
Expected Conversion
Total Profit
$ - 870
Total Revenue
$ 630
Conversions to break even
100 (47.62 %)
Your ROI: 58.00 %

Prove and improve return on investment for email and SMS campaigns

Although email and SMS promotions have an established value as part of a digital marketing strategy, proving return on investment for the retail purchases made after a customer receives an email or SMS is difficult. This is often estimated using a loyalty program which links in-store purchase history to a customer, and can only provide a rough approximation of total ROI.

Overcome this issue by automatically systemising the reporting of email campaigns, track users, and overlaying this tracking information with POS data to attribute ROI against each campaign.

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Identify and leverage high-converting customer segments to drive sales

Skip past broad testing tactics and understand what creates sales and engagement from your email marketing campaigns. Measure the effectiveness of messaging, offers, and determine which customer segments have the highest conversion rates.

With a data-proven understanding of what drives greater conversion, you'll be able to generate revenue by leveraging the segments that have a higher value for your business, and demonstrate which content truly improves revenue.

Report in real-time without manual data entry

Combine marketing database and online customer tracking information with transactional POS data from your retail stores in a real-time dashboard that tracks campaign performance with a quantifiable ROI per campaign.

Link APIs from your marketing automation tools (or use TouchpointMX) to your till data and you'll have an automatic data feed refreshed and recalculated for the attribution window of your choice.

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Case Study

Proving return on investment with email marketing for bricks-and-mortar businesses

The individual product tracking capabilities of TouchpointMX demostrated a clear correlation between products offered in the newsletter (at full price) and an increase of in-store purchases of those products by email readers highlighting the value of customising content to segmented audiences and time relevancy - Retail B2C client

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