Samsung: How to Increase Sales With A Bespoke Rewards Program

Traditionally, retail has been a sector plagued by high staff turnover, resulting in continuous loss of product knowledge. For a global brand like Samsung who work with third parties to sell their products, the challenge was having those partner floor-sales staff educated with up-to-date product knowledge required to sell Samsung consumer electronics, no matter the turnover.

The Problem

Samsung needed a way to engage with frontline sales staff of retailers in an easy, accessible manner. The goal was to educate floor-sales staff about new products to encourage increased sales. Samsung knew that equipping the floor-sales staff with the right product knowledge through a loyalty and product awareness training program it would encourage the sale of Samsung products. Education needed to be easy and accessible and encourage the desired result through engagement from the retail floor-staff without costly marketing campaigns.

Samsung realised that they had to do something different. They knew they needed something easy to use, engaging, and that could be easily scaled and deliver sales. Samsung looked to create a custom engagement hub that delivered rewards to their partners sales team.

The Solution

TouchpointMX provides a dedicated, fully customisable, self-service e-Learning platform. Samsung tailored the platform to create training programs and interactive questionnaires that encouraged floor-sales staff to earn rewards through multiple channels of products, they also received a preview of upcoming product releases through Samsung’s bespoke product awareness program.

The loyalty and rewards program enabled Territory Managers to have more productive meetings with the online product awareness training module. Since onboarding this platform, Territory Managers are empowered to have more efficient meetings. They have time to address specific questions and do a deep dive into upcoming product releases and objections. Previously the meetings would be focused on informing the floor-sales staff of product features, but now that the online program takes care of that, the Territory Managers have more time to focus on activities that would shift the needle, drive more sales and improve the customer experience.

The Outcome

By taking a considered, proactive and tailored approach to retail staff benefits, Samsung has proven that you can have a direct effect on the engagement of your sales team that results in increased sales, greater product awareness, knowledge and advocacy.

Hayden White, Product Manager at Samsung NZ commented; “We wanted an organisation that would provide us with the service we needed, and that was scalable. The ongoing support the team managing TouchpointMX gives us, and the ability to send simple email briefs to get things done are some of the reasons we chose Touchpoint Group as our delivery partners.”

Amongst consumer-electronic brands, Samsung’s loyalty and rewards program always outperforms other brands, and helps them stay ahead of the game when it comes to the competition.

“Touchpoint Group allows us to deliver communications quickly and have a fast turnaround to counter changes in the market.”


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