Loyalty & Rewards

Customer loyalty campaigns don't stop when a shopper leaves your store - the ability to reach your customer wherever they are with tailored messaging and a robust loyalty program will be rewarded with higher purchase frequency, increased basket size, and will ultimately drive advocates for your brand. We understand that every business is different, and a loyalty program is the perfect opportunity to meet your customer's unique needs.

  • Points-based rewards systems with secure redemption codes
  • Online portals and dashboards to both host and track loyalty
  • Dynamic content insertion controlled through segmentation
  • Tailored programs to suit individual requirements

A Tool For Every Need

Loyalty Programs

Create a loyalty program that will keep your customers coming back for more. Choose a points-based redemption program, reward shopping frequency, or simply track sales across all platforms without a discount method and share suggested products with your database.

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Customer Retention Analysis

Analyse and draw out issues experienced by customers within your Customer Experience (CX) feedback to understand the root cause of churn. Improve retention by prioritising improvements based on solutions that will have the biggest impact for your business and its stakeholders.

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VoC Feedback Analysis

Detect and prevent issues that impact customer claims and business performance by streamlining operational inefficiencies and identifying opportunities to reduce churn. Investigate and understand issues that cause bottlenecks and decrease department performance using a customisable reporting framework that shares critical detail with relevant stakeholders in near-real-time.

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Staff loyalty drives customer acquisition

Loyalty programs don't need to be limited to customers: Our client, Samsung, proves that staff loyalty can be a highly effective method of driving customer acquisition. How do they do it? With a tailored rewards program designed to encourage retail staff to learn about newly released Samsung products, Samsung can ensure that staff are able to answer customers' questions in retail locations across the country.

Think outside the box about how loyalty and rewards programs can drive revenue for your business, and get in touch to start creating a program that will meet your goals.

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