Driving Product Loyalty Via Different Channels In a Range of Industries

Touchpoint Group has delivered hundreds of CRM and loyalty solutions with varying levels of complexity and functionality. The following case studies briefly demonstrate the flexibility and adaptability of ‘Touchpoint MX Loyalty’ in different industries and channels.

Mercury Energy (Loyalty & Database Management): Mercury Perks

The Problem

Mercury Energy were utilising a number of disparate data systems and numerous marketing agencies to manage, segment and engage with their customers. The customer marketing permissions and account information were stored as separate systems and did not offer flexibility or speed to market for the marketing team, analytics and segmentation opportunities for the insights team nor did it satisfy internal legal and data governance standards.

The Solution

Touchpoint Group integrated multiple sources of data into TouchpointMX Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform, allowing Mercury Energy to communicate and segment their target audience while maintaining control, frequency and a centralised view of, in this case, a consumer audience. Granular permissions implemented by Touchpoint Group ensured that the growing database maintained integrity providing a secure and reliable base with which to launch the Mercury Perks loyalty program. This program was built and managed exclusively on the ‘TouchpointMX Loyalty’ feature.

Mercury Perks was designed to provide Mercury Energy customers with additional value-add rewards and benefits. Customers were delivered membership cards and access to the website to view which rewards were relevant and available for them and to redeem rewards. All communications, incentive campaigns and engagement strategies running across the program were managed and executed using ‘TouchpointMX Loyalty'.


Fonterra (Rewards): Moolah Consumer Rewards Program

The Concept

Fonterra decided to initiate a customer engagement program that utilised a website with login/logout functionality, sms & email communications, online auctions, points based shopping cart rewards, social sharing and over 50 million on-pack unique codes. It was Touchpoint Group and ‘TouchpointMX Loyalty’ that provided the dependability, confidence and reliability for what remains one of New Zealand’s biggest and most successful loyalty campaigns.

The Result

Using ‘TouchpointMX Loyalty’ meant that multiple channels could be utilised with centralised reporting and a role based channel access rather than a varying number of solutions and disparate program elements.
Consumers were required to purchase Fonterra products to obtain points. Sharing of the program via social media allowed additional points to be accumulated which could then be used to ‘purchase’ products or to bid in the weekly auction.

‘TouchpointMX Loyalty’ managed all consumer interactions, product redemptions and website content while reliably delivering program related communications and managing website traffic in excess of 100,000 hits a day.


Fujifilm (Incentive): Trade Incentive Program

The Problem

Like most electronics manufacturers that do not have a direct relationship with consumers, Fujifilm wanted to create a program that not only collected contact information from front line trade staff interacting and promoting Fujifilm products but that also provided training modules and quiz challenges on product specifications. Furthermore they wanted sales incentives, promotions and rewards to ensure Fujifilm products were always ‘top of mind’ when interacting with consumers.

The Solution

Touchpoint Group worked with the Fujifilm team to develop and deploy the Fujifilm Trade Loyalty Program. Fujifilm leveraged the CRM capabilities of ‘TouchpointMX Loyalty’ to create and maintain a centralised database of individual trade staff who were remunerated for product sales and program engagement with loyalty points and subsequent product rewards.

The mechanics included active participation in the program's training modules, sharing the program with colleagues and visitation frequency to complete weekly online product quiz questionnaires to earn rewards and additional loyalty points. ‘TouchpointMX Loyalty’ automated and managed these mechanics from end to end.

Fujifilm benefited from having full flexibility to manage all aspects of the program, from the website content, stock availability, maintaining training content and deploying targeted email and SMS trade communications.

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