Bringing Together Digital Data, Engagement & Interactions to Improve Customer Experience

With millions of Kiwis walking through their doors and visiting their website online, one of New Zealand's largest retailers saw a fundamental shift on how people were interacting with them and similar brands in their sector. They knew that they needed to continuously improve customer loyalty and drive retention to stay ahead of competition.

The Problem

Over the last few years, the retailer has been on a journey to improve the loyalty experience for their customers. To create loyal customers and advocates for their products, they needed to provide the right offers and information at the right time. They had customer engagement, interest and the beginnings of a customer database ready; they just didn’t know how to begin.

The Solution

Touchpoint Group helped them seamlessly deliver the loyalty experience their customers expected by acting as the hub to bring together multiple third party data sets including loyalty data and transactions, customer in-store and online interactions and digital engagement into the TouchpointMX platform.

Their goals were simple;

  • Grow their customer base
  • Shorten time from the customer joining their loyalty programme to receiving their first loyalty offer
  • Improve the average transaction size and frequency of purchase
  • Improve customer engagement and experience

By using the features provided by TouchpointMX, they were able to set-up omni-channel marketing campaigns from websites, to eDMs and surveys/questionnaires. The retail company built a stronger database through their loyalty and advocacy program, allowing them to track real-time purchase behaviour and build customer journeys that triggered emails with dynamic offers based on how customers interacted and purchased from the company.

The Outcome

Touchpoint Group enabled a smarter, more personalised loyalty programme to seamlessly deliver targeted campaigns that drove purchase behaviour and repeat purchases. The loyalty programme is aimed at helping them better understand their customers, and provide products and experiences tailored to their needs, for increased return on investment.

With an experience that transcends both digital and physical, the retailer continues to build strong, personal relationships with their customers. The CEO, commented, “We were looking to achieve decent KPIs and speed up the pace of improvement in the business. In doing so, we wanted an organisation that cared about, and understood our business, whilst prioritised our relationship as a partnership. We chose TouchpointMX because they are a meaningful voice in the business and the team would provide us with the flexibility and support we would need.”

Touchpoint Group provided the omni-channel platform needed to complete the customer journey from instore to online at the ever-evolving scale the retailer needed to continue being a household name.

“Touchpoint Group has helped us scale our loyalty programme to drive repeat purchases and meet demand for more personalised engagement.”

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