Measure and Improve NPS

NPS has become one of the most wildly used metrics for businesses worldwide who want to improve customer experience, product delivery, and customer loyalty. Before embarking on how, understanding what Net Promoter Score (NPS) stands for is key. Forrester breaks it down well;

‘Net Promoter has two components, it’s a score that measures loyalty and a system. 1) the Net Promoter Score (NPS), is a loyalty metric based on a customer’s reported likelihood to recommend a company and 2) a system designed to improve the score. While NPS does not measure customer experience (CX) quality directly, NPS and experience quality are closely related.’

The NPS metric is controversial but popular and used in the right way and with other feedback metrics can return valuable insights.

The Solution

TouchpointMX specialises in secure database capture, management and segmentation designed for NPS reach outs whether it be via email messaging or SMS push messaging. The platform can also host micro sites & customised customer surveys to capture responses for easier collation, reporting and dashboarding.

However, Touchpoint Group goes beyond basic marketing automation of NPS gathering with its ‘bolt on’ AI customer text analytics platform Ipiphany which allows you to analysing further unstructured data (like open-ended questions) in your digital marketing (whether executed by MX or not) and turns this data in to measurable, real actionable outcomes and insights for your marketing, sales, or operations teams.

By combining both metrics, you’re able to determine your businesses NPS but also measure customer experience quality, track trends, and improvement over time.

How does it work?

TouchpointMX stores all your brand assets, database contacts and click-to-go templates in one platform so no matter the medium (email, SMS messaging or micro-sites) it’s all together in one place. This makes execution and branding consistent so it's easy to send follow-up comms later.

TouchpointMX also has a strong and customisable analytics dashboard which enables you to monitor customer engagement with your comms and collates all your feedback in the same place.

Take it a step further by downloading email surveys, VoC responses and more with the built-in export tool. Work with the Touchpoint team (or manage independently) to import in to Ipiphany to analyse data and pull-out key insights into;


  • Employee satisfaction, concerns, questions and queries
  • Customer perception, engagement, and satisfaction
  • What is driving ratings, what metrics are impacting your NPS
  • Changes that impact the reduction or increase in NPS
  • Tracking NPS trend over time

How Touchpoint Delivers The Service

TouchpointMX has been used for NPS capture and analysis for years. Our experienced team are able to quickly and efficiently set you up to ensure you get the most out of the TouchpointMX tool whether you use just one element of it or all. 

The NPS package (which is fully customisable to your business needs) can be either a one-off service or an ongoing quarterly / bi-monthly service. 

We can also offer;

  • Fully managed marketing service (read more here)
  • Customised platform features
  • Deep-dive analysis into your feedback, providing insights and recommendations through Ipiphany


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