Email marketing toolkit and performance evaluation

Drive immediate conversion, improve engagement, and increase transaction frequency by understanding your email performance and potential areas of growth. Get a personalised execution plan to improve revenue for your business, and use an intuative email CMS to execute, report and develop custom campaigns that align with business objectives and provides ROI on your digital marketing initiatives.

Used throughout NZ and Australia in leading customer centric organisations

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Increase revenue using the Touchpoint Group email marketing toolkit

Campaigns that repeat each season and monthly newsletters that blanket customer inboxes quickly loose momentum and stagnate. The solution? Change your approach and offer personalised, segmented messaging that surprises, delights, and most importantly - converts customer engagement in to sales.

The email marketing toolkit utilises the experience of a team of industry experts to guide you through powerful segmentation and analysis techniques using your internal sales and marketing data to demonstrate sale conversion avenues and create a personalised execution plan to address the challenges in your marketing campaigns and improve ROI for your business.

Benchmark your marketing campaigns against competitors within your industry

Skip past broad testing tactics to understand what drives sales and engagement conversion in your industry by benchmarking against your competitors using industry-specific data, and build a strong customer journey foundation to develop and drive your marketing campaigns foward.

Accelerate campaign performance using data driven insights specific to your market and understand potential oppertunities that drive customer advocacy and creates measurable revenue by undertaking an email performance assessment utilising Touchpoint Groups inhouse email execution platform.

Improve purchase interval and drive customer loyalty

Deliver targeted, effective messages that create greater high-value engagements along the customer journey, ensure all digital communications generate higher purchase frequency, larger basket size, and greater ROI.

Break away from expectation and create messages that resonate. Turn your customers into brand advocates with meaningful, effective content no matter what digital platform they use to interact with your brand or business.

Connect online engagement with in-store experience

Unify your customer experience by capturing customer purchase behaviour in-store and continuing the conversation online. Get a complete view of the way customers interact at each touch point of your business and leverage those moments with communications that encourage conversion.

With an ROI report covering all aspects of your business, you'll be able to accurately and efficiently measure the impact that your email campaigns have on revenue.

Case Study

Proving return on investment with email marketing for bricks-and-mortar businesses

The individual product tracking capabilities of TouchpointMX demonstrated a clear correlation between products offered in the newsletter (at full price) and an increase of in-store purchases of those products by email readers highlighting the value of customising content to segmented audiences and time relevancy - Retail B2C client

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