Sales & Revenue

Drive revenue by identifying key areas of growth based on the customer journey and interactions with your business, product or services. Highlight strengths and opportunities in the sales funnel, mitigate risk by resolving costly issues, poor platform performance or operational bottlenecks in your pipeline.

  • Improved and quicker sales conversion
  • Reduction in operational costs & overheads
  • Improved customer retention and experience
  • Improved platform retention, usability and performance

A Solution For Every Need

eCommerce Review

Use AI technology to analyse unstructured CRM and CX feedback data to generate a broad view of how consumers are using your eCommerce platform performance.

Perform a competitor analysis against industry leaders using publicly available data and benchmark capabilities and performance to determine growth opportunities. Define areas of weakness contributing to lost sales and insights into low user engagement.

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Mobile App Review

Analyse publicly available app review data against CRM feedback to reinforce future app direction, strategy, platform longevity and potential areas of growth.

Benchmark against competitors and market disruptors, by comparing product performance and capabilities. Define new opportunities and quantify their impact on customer satisfaction. Improve user engagement and functionality and prioritise customer experience changes that will provide the best outcome for your business.

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Sales & Marketing ROI Reporting

Identify the customer segments with the highest ROI by analysing online customer tracking data against transactional data from your retail locations. Understand which campaigns are driving the highest customer conversion and drive improvements to your campaigns by leveraging high-performing customer segments.

Report in real-time on campaign performance and understand how much revenue your marketing campaigns are generating, no matter how your customers convert.

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Long-term sales & revenue driving benefit of trend mapping

Measuring trends within your data allows you to pinpoint changes as they occur, and provides an useful way for you to benchmark against your company’s past performance. Use Touchpoint Group's AI analytics tool to understand the true customer journey and high frequency touchpoints impacting business performance and revenue.

Use this to detect operational issues restricting sale conversion and revenue generation by highlighting root cause through relationship mapping. Start solving the crux of the problem rather than the top layer which continues to result in minor or no change in your trend metrics.

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