Customer Experience Management

Customer feedback data contains the critical detail required to drive improvements, but it starts with collection. Gather Customer Experience (CX) data like Voice of the Customer (VoC), Net Promoter Score (NPS), or Customer Success feedback securely and effortlessly using Touchpoint Group's range of solutions, analyse feedback to identify improvements, and quickly take action before issues grow too large to handle.

  • Systemise the collection of customer experience data
  • Streamline case management with reporting hierarchies and alerts
  • Trigger the collection of feedback from moments that matter in the customer journey
  • Analyse customer feedback with granular detail to identify business improvements.

A Tool For Every Need

CX Metrics Analysis

Capture customer feedback from NPS, CSAT, Customer Effort, or VoC campaigns and understand how your customers are discussing and interacting with your organisation.

Unlock the cause behind the score in granular detail so you can understand how to make changes that will improve customer experience at the source of the issue.

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Stakeholder Retention Management

Identify opportunities to encourage customer and talent retention, and uncover pain points in experience before they lead to churn. Collect and analyse feedback, react efficiently with a streamlined case management tool, and resolve issues before they expand to other areas of the business.

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VoC Feedback Analysis

Detect and prevent issues that impact customer experience and business performance by streamlining operational inefficiencies and identifying opportunities to reduce churn. Investigate and understand issues that cause bottlenecks and decrease department performance using a customisable reporting framework that shares critical detail with relevant stakeholders in near-real-time.

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Experience improvements drive bottom-line revenue

The relationship between improving customer experience and increased revenue can be difficult to quantify, but Touchpoint Group's robust reporting framework takes the guesswork out of great customer experiences.

Drive improvements and measure the effects they have on revenue-driven KPIs. Make a case for growth using a reporting framework that is customised to your industry and customer journey. Gather and react to customer feedback to improve retention, analyse trends to understand how implementing proactive changes has an ongoing effect.

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