Brand & Market Analysis

Reinforce business direction and strategy by benchmarking performance against past trading, key competitors and new markets. Determine business strengths and drive growth through newly detected market opportunities. Dive into the root cause for changes in brand health metrics. Understand & create valuable action plans to combat weakness in business performance and mitigate risk by identifying threats in the market.

  • Reinforce commercial marketing & sales strategy
  • Detect operational performance inefficiencies
  • Benchmark against competitors & market performance
  • Detect growth opportunities for brand, product or service

A Solution For Every Need

Market Research Analysis

Gather deeper insights into customer behaviour and experiences by changing the way you ask questions. Automate data analysis and spend less time on manual keyword coding by utilising the power of Natural Language Processing (NLP) to connect cause to effect with granular detail. A solution designed to add value to your already existing market research analytics - ideal for both in-house and specialised market research firms.

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NPS & CSAT Analysis

Analyse text feedback from customer satisfaction surveys such as NPS and CSAT to get a true understanding of your customers’ experience with your product or service. Quantify the results through ongoing trend analysis to understand the reasons driving customer satisfaction, experience and ratings. Use AI technology to determine root cause, and deliver key actions and solutions through a customised reporting framework specific to your business and industry.

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Competitor Analysis

Start gathering insights into your customer and staff experiences by asking open-ended questions that encourage detail-rich responses. Remove the need for leading questions, restricted responses and quantitative measurements. Move to a fluid approach that will drive actionable change within your organisation by highlighting issues that need immediate attention.

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Highlight issues and define the cause and solution with AI analytics

Utilise your resources efficiently by spending less time manually analysing data and more time detecting risk and actioning improvements. Don’t just highlight issues; define emerging trends, understand the problems, cause, and impact to return solutions that can provide an action plan which helps shape business decisions. Move from a reactive environment into a proactive approach.

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