Analyse public online reviews to understand sentiment and key customer issues

Customer review data from online review platforms can provide a clear understanding of customer issues in minutes. Keep your finger on the pulse and understand the cause behind a shifting score. Prioritise issues your customers are most vocal about before they become systemic problems, and discover the causes driving key pain points with enough detail to offer data driven solutions.

analyse public review sources online

Import comments directly from online review platforms to understand the cause behind a shifting score

Customers don’t always tell you about a bad experience, but they will tell their friends. Get ahead of the issues your customers are discussing by analysing text comments from Trustpilot, Google Play, Tripadvisor, or wherever customers review your business. Benchmark against competitors to achieve a full view of market positioning and make improvements that provide a strategic advantage.

Prioritise the issues that have the biggest impact on your business

Find the cause behind changes in review score with enough detail to improve issues your customers experience. Uncover the relationship between operational changes and shifts in metrics, and understand how your customers discuss your organisation publicly.

key drivers analysis of public review data

Track improvements over time and report on key changes as they occur

Ipiphany’s flexible reporting tools allow you to share key insights with stakeholders efficiently and effectively. Track improvements in your review data and understand the impact these improvements have for your customers.

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