Gain Unparalleled Granular Detail on Mobile App Performance With Ipiphany And Create Truly Actionable Insights

Gain Unparalleled Granular Detail on Mobile App Performance With Ipiphany And Create Truly Actionable Insights

This is the final instalment in a series of blog posts focusing on the Touchpoint Group's Mobile App Performance service. Touchpoint Group offers an analysis against chosen brands in your sector to uncover insights in market positioning, app performance and customer perception resulting in key opportunities to optimise and increase your app’s RoI. In this post, we perform the most detailed analysis yet, uncovering cause, effect, and potential solutions for an issue found in open text review data retrieved from the Apple App and Google Play stores. This post expands on the JP Morgan Chase & Co Case study.

What is Granular Analysis?

Granular Analysis is a thorough investigation into the root cause of an issue, providing enough detail that a recommendation for a resolution can be made.

Touchpoint Group’s AI, Ipiphany, is capable of analysing thousands of rows of data per minute, identifying the root cause behind shifts in numerical scores with enough supporting evidence to identify improvements. These granular analyses append a ‘cause’ to an ‘effect’ - which may take the form of a decreasing score, increasing churn, or low RoI. In the highly competitive world of retail banking, identifying the root cause of a pain point with enough detail to solve the problem quickly - without months of manual analysis - is critical to success.

How Ipiphany Unlocks the True Power of Granular Analysis

Ipiphany helps you focus your search on the pain points that matter most and to truly understand what those issues mean for your customers. This analysis begins at a high level, using Ipiphany to understand the concepts that drive the most change in the overall score, and understanding each concept’s impact on the score from a high level. Then we work our way down into the data to understand what the problem is, quantify it, identify the affected customer segments, and determine how to resolve it.

In our case study analysing JP Morgan Chase & Co, we discussed a root cause analysis of problems customers experienced around the TouchID feature. Today, using the same data, we’ll pursue an analysis of another pain point that is so impactful that it has the potential to render the app completely useless to a segment of JP Morgan Chase & Co’s customer base.

Insight-Driven Granular Analysis

A granular analysis is conducted in conjunction with your Benchmarking, Competitor Analysis, and SURF Pillar analyses. While these analyses are performed, Ipiphany makes it easy to identify points in the data that should be investigated further. In this case, we discovered a particularly low point in JP Morgan Chase & Co’s data while we were exploring the Usability analysis in our SURF Pillar investigation.

usability topic scores for mobile app analysis

Here, we can see that “App Size” is the lowest scoring topic in the Usability pillar, with an average score of 1.8. At this point, we weren’t entirely sure what “App Size” meant, but we understood that app users experiencing this issue were giving the app a lower score than any other topic.

In order to understand all facets of the “App Size” problem, we investigated it further using the Key Drivers report. Here, we discover that not only is this topic the lowest scoring item on the list, it also has a very high impact on the overall score. Armed with this knowledge, we can be certain that this issue is more than a blip on the radar. To find out the full breadth of the problem, we use Ipiphany to understand how different customer segments experience this problem, identify affected date ranges, and uncover the root cause of the issue.

Impact of app usability issues

Ipiphany separates the reviews discussing “App Size” from the rest of the data as we drill down, facilitating an easy investigation of its place in the wider dataset. From Ipiphany’s summary, we are quickly able to get a clear understanding of what the problem is: The JP Morgan Chase & Co App requires nearly 1GB of storage on the user’s device. It requires so much storage that users frequently comment that it must ask for permission to use that storage space before it can begin downloading. From this view, we also get an understanding of the impact this pain point has on the score over time, as well as the frequency at which it is discussed.


granular detail analysis for us banking data

How to create Truly Actionable Insights

By comparing user segments, analysing the trends report to understand affected date ranges, and delving down into the review data, we are able to provide enough information on the cause of this issue and provide actionable recommendations for its resolution:

  • The discussion of this issue increases in frequency in August 2019, and has not subsided as of April 2020: The issue likely began around August and, at the conclusion of our dataset, has not been resolved
  • JP Morgan Chase & Co app users are 4.8 times more likely to discuss issues with the app size than any of the other banks in our data set
  • 96.4% of users experiencing this problem are using an Android device, while 3.6% are using an Apple device
  • Updates to the app coincide with additional storage requirements, building the size of the app on the user’s device as they update to each new version: This issue is compounding over time

In this example a clear actionable insight and recommendation is:

  • Review with product developers what function of the update made in August 2019 needed to increase the overall app size.
  • Delve into why it is more likely to impact an Android user vs. an Apple user.
  • Determine whether there is a way to amend the function, specifically that used to download statements, to reduce the overall size and deploy a new release.
  • To aid in the resolution of this issue, suggest that the app development team investigate how competitors are tackling this functionality to ensure it doesn’t increase overall app size beyond a reasonable capacity for app users.

jp morgan large app size

Ipiphany facilitates the creation of an easily digestible “actionable insight” report to share with stakeholders in your organisation. The report features clear cause, effect, and suggested resolutions for any issue your customers might be impacted by, with enough detail that any stakeholder will understand what actions are necessary to resolve the issue.

truly actionable insights with Ipiphany

Understanding that your app has a problem is one thing, but uncovering the impact of the issue, identifying what customers it affects and at what scale and devising a solution for the problem is much more difficult, and then drawing actionable results from the analysis is absolutely critical to success. The Touchpoint Ipiphany Mobile App Benchmarking service gives you the tools you need to evaluate your app’s performance and uncover the root cause of each problem your customers are experiencing, giving you the opportunities you need to solve those problems before they negatively impact your app score.

By covering investigations at a high level using benchmarking and competitor analysis, as well as a more detailed level with the SURF Pillar and granular analysis, we are able to provide a comprehensive, up-to-date view of mobile app performance using publicly available review data. Get in touch today to discover how applying those successes can help you gain a competitive advantage in your own market.

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* Score will differ to the score found on App stores. This is a combined score from both Google Play & Apple App stores, any reviews not containing comments have been removed from this data set. The date range used for this analysis is January 2019 to April 2020.


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