Transform feedback into deeper insights and smarter actions

Effortless Analytics

Flexible reporting hierarchies

Model your organisational hierarchy through reporting dashboards that ensure the right insight is routed to the right teams and employees so they can take the right action.

Drill down to find actionable insights

Spend more time on the "why" behind the "what" by drilling down from scores and trends into the underlying customer feedback comments that drive those numbers.

Text analytics transforms text from surveys, reviews, and social media into actionable insights that are embedded into the relevant team, function and department dashboards.

drill down in your data to uncover insights
Cause Analysis tools

Understand trends and impact

Embedded analytics enables quick understanding of how customer experience relates to operational metrics.

Flexible reporting makes it easy to see how metrics differ or change over time for any segment, interaction or customer journey - enabling you to focus on the areas that need the most attention.

Interactive visualisations make it easy to detect new issues and trends as they arise, eliminating blind spots and highlighting unexpected problems.

Gain a comprehensive view of customer journeys

Collect feedback on key customer journeys and report using tailored journey dashboards that track customer effort and experience across multiple channels and interactions.

drill down in your data to uncover insights

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