Find & Prioritise The Insights That Make A Difference

Target metrics that matter to you

Start by targeting what you aim to improve

Simply specify the metric most relevant to your target business drivers and Ipiphany finds and prioritises the customer painpoints and underlying root causes that have the highest impact.

Zoom in from the big picture to the actionable details

Know where to focus by visualising both the relevance and impact of problems as a whole, then easily drill down to the level where you can explain with specific details.

Discover the big picture and the details
Add business context for true comprehension

Add business context and go deeper by uncovering how customer problems relate to specific business aspects

Ipiphany goes beyond keyword-based themes and topics. Using industry specific knowledge graphs and ontologies, Ipiphany incorporates business knowledge that connects insights to customer journeys and related functions and processes within your company.

Uncover what causes key metrics to change

Simply select the period over which a key metric moved...

uncover trends in your data

...and Ipiphany automatically identifies the underlying drivers that caused or explain the change.

uncover trends in your data

Act faster by detecting problems when they first emerge

Ipiphany automatically detects significant changes in small and emerging problems so that you can alert relevant stakeholders early.

detect problems when they occur

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