Deliver Truly Actionable Insights That Lead To Smarter Decisions & Outcomes

Explain at the level where you can make a difference

Quantify the importance of every insight

For every insight Ipiphany automatically measures how many customers are affected and calculates the impact on your target metrics.

Quantify every insight
measure trends over time

Track painpoints over time

Easily monitor how the severity of recurring problems is changing over time, including tracking the impact of any remedial actions or improvements.

Easily access the stories behind the statistics

Acquire deeper understanding and build confidence in individual insights through easily accessible example verbatim snippets that illustrate the specific customer problems and related impacts.

drill down into comments to understand
share easily with stakeholders

Share insights with key stakeholders using customisable insight dashboards

Easily create personalised dashboards that enable business stakeholders to understand and track painpoints, insights and KPIs specific to their business unit, function or role.

Designed to support the way you work

Ipiphany has been purposely designed to support the way customer insight and experience professionals and teams work.

Save time and effort by easily reusing, organising and sharing analyses across projects, individuals and teams.

organise your work efficiently

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