Boost Revenue Growth, Conversion Rates, and Customer Engagement with Personalised Email Marketing Automation.

Boost Revenue Growth, Conversion Rates, and Customer Engagement with Personalised Email Marketing Automation.

In a world with hundreds of digital channels to choose from, how can we ensure we're making the best choice for our marketing? Email marketing is still one of the strongest forms of marketing with a growth of over 23% in email usage expected by 2025*, making emails an integral part of marketing today.

Email marketing is not dead

Email marketing still remains as one of the most cost-effective ways to reach your customers, especially considering the rising number of users year after year. Despite this popularity, most users consider promotional emails to be spam. Avoiding this perception is the key to achieving a successful ROI, but this can be easier said than done. How can you ensure you’re getting the best possible result from this critical channel? The key is personalising your email marketing campaigns. People will respond better to your company's emails when they are personalised to individual shopping habits and how customers expect to interact with your brand.

Increase your ROI with email marketing

In a world that is becoming increasingly digital, more and more consumers rely on email marketing to stay up-to-date on promotions, products, and company news. Today, businesses can take advantage of email marketing more than ever. Forrester Research found that 90% of emails reach their intended inbox, while only 2% of Facebook followers come across a company's posts, meaning that an email is much more likely to result in a sale than a post on social media. Understandably, there is a concern about the initial cost outlay required for personalisation and segmentation in email marketing. The revenue reward vastly outweighs the initial setup cost, especially over time. Segmenting and targeting your emails is key to getting a profitable return on your investment.

For example, if someone purchases one of your products, they don't want to be contacted about that same product again in a newsletter immediately following their purchase. If your customers receive triggered emails about products they have already purchased or ones they won’t be interested in, you’re losing a valuable opportunity to present customers with items they may like in addition, and instead of clogging their inbox with information they don’t need and creating an excuse to unsubscribe.

Use marketing automation to your advantage to improve your business performance

B2C marketers who are using marketing automation tools experience approximately 50% higher conversion rates than those who aren’t. Automating your messages not only saves you and your marketing team time, but it also improves lead generation outcomes, grows your marketing database, and improves sales conversion through remarketing activities. Touchpoint Group can help you develop new sales channels and automate your digital marketing experiences with triggered communications.

Switch from predictable monthly newsletters to sophisticated, dynamic messages that shorten the sales cycle, improve loyalty, and encourage repeat shopping behaviour with Touchpoint Group’s marketing automation tool. Contact us today to find out how Touchpoint Group can simplify your email marketing strategy and bring marketing automation to life for your business.



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