Know your customers: Understand & Prioritise What Needs to Change

Every organisation collects customer feedback in some form, whether it’s through simple surveys or a more complex platform for analysing bulk data. It’s a great first step in listening to your customers but the next step, and the most vital, is getting an in-depth understanding and prioritisation of what needs to change. This second part tends to be lacking in many businesses.

The latest AI and NLP (Natural Language Processing) tech is allowing organisations to fill this gap. Ipiphany, an advanced text analytics solution, has forever changed how organisations understand their customers by pushing businesses to reset their expectations of customer experience analytics. As a result, expanding their current way of thinking, doing and questioning of responses.

Many ask the question, 'why do I need a tool like Ipiphany?'

It's simple. Our world is changing rapidly and is driven by what the consumer wants. In addition to this, the latest technological advances have also led to an explosion in mass unstructured customer feedback data. Hidden in this data is a goldmine of untapped business improvement opportunities.

Ipiphany has made the impossible, possible by enabling organisations to access customer feedback from a multitude of sources such as survey comments, social feeds, complaints etc. at scale and understand it with unprecedented detail and speed.

With a focus on business improvement, Ipiphany allows organisations to dig deeper into how they can continually shift the dial on key metrics such as NPS and CSAT to understanding increases in operating costs, churn & conduct risk.

This automated approach gives businesses a new perspective on customers perception in mere minutes.

But how is Ipiphany different?

Ipiphany uses NLP and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to gain a deep understanding of customer feedback in the same way a human would but without bias and in mass scale and speed.

This process can go from raw customer data to an Ipiphany analysis in minutes, allowing organisations to spend more time on implementing customer initiatives and less time stuck processing and analysing the data.

Ipiphany at a glance...

Commonly asked, 'What are the top issues relating to my business and how should I prioritise them?' We have a brief look into the Airline industry.

Input your customer feedback and find patterns in the responses which highlight what actions are having the most impact. Understand which interactions with your business are weighted more important to your customers.

Build simple and intuitive custom reports which dive deeper into specific customer journeys, pain points or key areas of focus as necessary. Ipiphany weights the issue so you're able to see the impact that focusing on that area will have on your overall customer wellbeing.

Monitor trends over time and understand why your key metric has moved, in a single click e.g. “Why has my NPS declined?” or “What is the impact of my new initiatives?”

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