Marketing Automation Survey Results 2020

Marketing Automation Survey Results 2020

Touchpoint Group recently surveyed a small snapshot of 94 businesses across New Zealand who interact with marketing automation platforms. Odd thing to do? Here’s why:

In a time when our worlds have been turned upside down, now more than ever, we’re relying on digital marketing to inform our customers about our business operations, products and services. In a world with drastically diminished physical contact, we're all relying on the internet to communicate with our customers. Here are some of the insights we uncovered from the survey data:

  • 24% of respondents surveyed use 2 or more marketing automation platforms rather than a single multi-channel platform that encompasses all their digital marketing needs. Surprising? we thought so, yet 9% of people don't use a marketing automation platform at all – they continue to do it manually!
  • Of those using a marketing automation platform, 37% think it’s average or below average, rating it between 1-3 out of 5. Using the Touchpoint Ipiphany platform, we were able to analyse the unstructured feedback to pull out the key reasons why. Ranked in order, below are the top 3 features participants wished their marketing automation platforms could do.
  1. Integrate with third-party platforms
  2. Simplify processes and offer further flexibility (customisation)
  3. Offer full-service & automation features

That in mind, a large chunk, 60% of respondents, highly rated their marketing automation platforms ranking them 4-5 out of 5. We asked what features they loved the most, the top 3 were;

  1. Efficient / easy to use / reliable
  2. Integration with third parties
  3. Segmentation / database management AND Customisable, UI, functionality.
  • To put this in perspective you need to understand how respondents were using their platforms. Unsurprisingly, email takes the prize, with 99%. However, only 28% send SMS as well and just 1% only sent SMS (no emails!). Of emails sent, the most common formats were:
  1. 84% Newsletters
  2. 59% Promotions
  3. 46% Surveys
  4. 41% Product & services
  5. 27% Loyalty
  • To delve even deeper, we asked respondents what their main strategy was in sending out marketing communications, ranked in order are the responses.
  1. Sales / Promotions
  2. Lead Generation
  3. Engagement/ Awareness
  4. Branding
  5. Updates
  6. Education
  7. New Business
  8. Loyalty

The results, as basic as they are, highlight that businesses understand the importance of digital marketing and know that when done right it educates their consumers, drives engagement and converts. While this much is obvious, many don’t understand the full capabilities of the platforms or have the time or energy to invest in making them work correctly.

Touchpoint Group offers three customer-centric solutions to help organisations gather, analyse, remarket and drive actionable insights. Offering full-service, fully integrated dashboards and automation features to help save time and money, Touchpoint lets you focus on driving business and implementing changes that make a data-driven difference, on your own terms.

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