What's New In Ipiphany Version 4

What's New In Ipiphany Version 4

This week, we’re proud to announce the release of our AI text analytics tool, Ipiphany version 4! This update encompasses a fundamental shift in the way you interact with your insights and a more efficient pathway for stakeholders to access data across your business.

The Ipiphany Analysis is the main pillar of the tool: after importing your unstructured text data, analyses are used to hone in on specific insights in order to understand what impact they have on ROI, what the root cause of a problem is, and what impact you can expect from a change.

My Analyses: Efficient, Shareable, Actionable

updates in ipiphany version 4

You can save an analyses for any segment of your data: Something as broad as ‘top 10 issues’ to something as narrow as ‘food quality for business class on this airline’. By saving analyses for things you care about, you’ll be able to quickly and efficiently access relevant, granular data you can use to action changes that matter.

Not only are analyses now easier to create using the setup wizard, they are also easier to present to stakeholders with a clear representation of trend over time, impact on ROI, and specific examples from your customer data that best illustrate areas where improvement could make the biggest difference.

Root Cause: Simplified

The Summary tab provides a useful way to delve down into analyses, and it has been redesigned to focus on the relationship an individual topic has with the rest of the set.

If you’re ready to uncover results in your customer data to drive customer-centric business decisions, get in touch to find out how Touchpoint Groups AI Analytics Tool, Ipiphany, can drive success in your organisation.


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