How Much Data Can The World's Most Advanced Customer Analytics Tool Process?

In short: Ipiphany can process as much data as you can give it. Our cutting edge Natural Language Processing (NLP) tool has been designed to read, understand, and contextualise unstructured data from the likes of survey results, comment forms, and feedback to better provide a holistic picture of customer experience, with filters created specifically for the metrics your business finds important. In 2019, we provided businesses across the globe with just this result, using data they had already collected to draw out actionable insights they could use to make informed decisions across all areas of their business. Let’s have a look at just how much data Ipiphany can process:


What caused churn in my company over the last six months? Why did revenue decrease in July? Why has NPS dropped since the last time I checked my reports? Let’s take that last question as an example. NPS is an easy number to gather and qualify: You could analyse the results yourself in Excel simply by finding the averages in your data, but ‘What is my NPS score’ isn’t the question you asked. You asked why. The unstructured data: the big, black hole of comments following up that NPS question is where your answer is hidden, and there’s no way you’re going to be able to sift through 10,000 of those comments with any kind of speed. You need some kind of specialised computing tool that could read comments and understand the core sentiment. Perhaps that tool might also be able to categorise those sentiments in a way your team could understand. You need Ipiphany.


Although Ipiphany’s advanced AI is designed to process unstructured data, it provides structured and easily digestible results which can be used across all areas, breaking down silos and delivering insights across an entire business. This tool isn’t just for analysts - it’s for anyone who has a desire to drive business improvements.


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