Analyzing The Performance of the Indian Banking App Ecosystem

Analyzing the Performance of Indian Banking Apps



In a recent session hosted by Touchpoint Group, we expired  the performance of Indian banking apps to share  insights into the prevailing trends and challenges within the industry. Leveraging Touchpoint Groups AI driven Ipiphany CX and Data analysis solution, a comprehensive dataset of over a million reviews was sourced and used from global banking institutions. The session delved deep into the nuances of user experiences, particularly focusing on the performance trajectories of four major private sector banks in India: ICICI Bank, HDFC, Kotak Bank, and Axis Bank.


Understanding Engaged Customer Score: A Key Metric


Central to the analysis was the Engaged Customer Score, a metric derived from both quantitative ratings and qualitative narratives that serves as a barometer of app efficacy and user satisfaction. The session scrutinised the Engaged Customer Scores of each bank over the past year, uncovering trends and disparities that shed light on user sentiment.


Exploring Performance Trends: Unveiling Dynamics


The analysis revealed intriguing dynamics across the four banks. While Axis Bank maintained a consistently high Engaged Customer Score, signifying commendable user satisfaction, other banks showcased varying trajectories. ICICI Bank experienced fluctuations, notably encountering a marked decline in January. HDFC Bank demonstrated resilience, rebounding from a significant setback in September to surpass ICICI Bank in recent months. Conversely, Kotak Bank's downward trajectory sounded alarms, prompting a closer inquiry into the underlying factors.


Identification of Pain Points: Unveiling User Frictions


Through a forensic analysis of Kotak Banks user feedback, a surge in complaints pertaining to reliability, stability, and authentication issues emerged as predominant pain points, notably exacerbated following the introduction of app version 5.5.3. This examination identified specific frictions undermining user experiences within the Kotak Banking app ecosystem.


Integration with ChatGPT for Deeper Insights: Unveiling Nuanced Narratives


To unlock deeper layers of user sentiment, Touchpoint Group has integrated ChatGPT into Ipiphany, enabling instant summarized narratives and thematic insights embedded within user feedback. This augmented level of insight empowers banking institutions with a nuanced understanding of customer sentiments and preferences, fostering a more responsive approach towards addressing user concerns and enhancing app functionality.


Emphasis on Real-time Analysis and Action: Navigating Dynamic Landscapes


The session underscored the imperative of real-time analysis and agile action in navigating the dynamic landscapes of digital banking. Timely identification of issues and proactive response mechanisms emerged as linchpins in fostering user trust and loyalty. By leveraging advanced analytics platforms such as Ipiphany and responsive strategies, banking institutions can fortify their competitive stance and elevate customer experiences in these incredibly competitive market conditions..