Touchpoints: Putting the customer at the centre of your world.

Customer-centricity involves more than just saying the customer is important. Creating meaningful experiences and maintaining lasting relationships with customers begins with understanding the customer as a whole. By putting people first, profits follow. Join us every fortnight as we discuss how businesses can become more customer-centric, and learn from the leaders themselves.

Discover the 5 Archetypes with Carey Davidson

In this episode, we meet Carey Davidson a world-renowned speaker, author, founder, HR guru and is an expert in the business of self-mastery. Her groundbreaking 5 Archetypes system is used in companies and homes around the world to dramatically improve the experience of life and work. Her book, The Five Archetypes: Discover Your True Nature and Transform Your Life and Relationships (2020 Simon & Schuster) uncovers what motivates perpetual growth and lifelong purpose.

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