Life After Loyalty Cards

According to Logic1 81% of New Zealanders own a smartphone. They may not always be able to find your loyalty card in their wallet, but they will always be able to find their phone, which is why so many marketers are moving their loyalty programs onto mobile friendly platforms.

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Why SMS Isn't Sexy, But It Is Effective.

Smartphone penetration across New Zealand currently sits at around 81% and is growing. Yet mobile phone penetration sits at 135% which means 54% of people have limited ability to interact with your brand via mobile social channels, or access your services via an app. And it also means that 100% of people can receive SMS messages.

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How to get Social Media and Your Marketing Database Working Together

Social media has been around for a while now, and no doubt it has a part to play in brand awareness and lead generation. However most marketers still struggle to define what ROI (if any) social platforms deliver. In the meantime, an email database or loyalty program is still the most effective tool at their disposal.

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