Guided Analysis That Uncovers The Most Important Hidden Problems

uncover cause of change in NPS with Ipiphany

Powerful visualisations that guide your focus to uncover hidden problems and relationships

Ipiphany combines intelligent pattern detection algorithms with illuminating visualisations to highlight the relationship between problems, customer segments, and your target metrics.

Visualise what you can think

Ipiphany removes the barrier between you and your data and empowers you to focus on the most important issues in depth.

  • Understand different perspectives more clearly by easily organising the results to add business context.
  • Create different analyses that link painpoints to customer journeys, business processes and organisation structure.
compare unstructured data
analyse trends in data over time

Understand problems from both a customer and business perspective

Visualize the impact of discovered problems across customer segments, products, channels and journeys to understand who is affected, how they are affected and to what extent.

Avoid misleading recommendations by exposing underlying cause and effect

Ipiphany highlights relationships between customer issues and specific business aspects - empowering you to make an actionable difference by explaining hidden causes and effects.

compare unstructured data
analyse trends in data over time

Understand differences between customer segments

Unlock opportunities by understanding the most important differences between customer segments or between you and your competitors.

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